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‘Their hatred of Celtic can’t be hidden’ ‘We’re doomed’ ‘What a bizarre article’ Daily Record reveals massive Celtic spending blow

Image for ‘Their hatred of Celtic can’t be hidden’ ‘We’re doomed’ ‘What a bizarre article’ Daily Record reveals massive Celtic spending blow

Ange Postecoglou won’t be getting any Moussa Dembele windfall payments to boost his January transfer fund.

That is the reassuring news for the Daily Record’s army of readers with the Lyon striker reported to be a £5m target for Galatasaray. That is £5m that won’t be heading to Ibrox for Alfredo Morelos with the Turkish giants regularly linked with the Ibrox star.

Celtic sold Dembele to Lyon for £19.8m in August 2018 with that fee hanging over Morelos in every transfer window as clubs are constantly linked with putting in bids only for their interest to melt away.

If Celtic had a standard 10% sell on clause a £30m transfer fee would give them an additional £1m to spend which isn’t really going to make much difference. Nothing has ever been budgeted for.

During the summer the Record and other Scottish outlets were full on for add-ons as they attempted to big up the fees for Joe Aribo and Calvin Bassey, creating the phrase ‘attainable add ons’.

Aribo went to Southampton for £6m with the Bassey fee to Ajax allowing the troubled club to create a £4.9m summer transfer surplus after Ross Wilson’s Magnificent Seven have been accounted for.

Celtic don’t have nine first team squad players out of contract in May.

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  • Voice of Reason says:

    Widny wipe ma ARSE wae this rag! FILTH Propped up wae £23M Loans & overdraft facility but let’s publish a NON STORY re a player that we’ve awready made £20M on! These CLOWNS are NEVER Journalists, just HUNS waeoot the bus fare!!

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol let’s just laugh at their pain be that the media the klub or the klan.

  • harold shand says:

    They run this story every transfer window , they then timely break the news that there will be no Dembele bonanza , usually when they’re trying to bury bad news about their fav team

    You know like bad news sorta along the lines of when the chairman of their fav club basically says that two players out of contract in a few weeks who they constantly talked up being worth £20m each can now just f*ck off .

  • Paul Shiach says:

    If it is £5m why dont we buy him back

    • BriBhoy says:

      Definitely. Can you imagine their rage if we did that? Originally signed for a token development fee, banged in a hat trick on his first game against them and did the “What’s the goalie daein’ Tam??!!” lob in the 3-2 Murty special. He’s then sold for £20m and bought back for £5m, still in his prime and still capable of banging in goals vs them and in the CL. £15m profit in the bank and a top class striker that is proven in our league, the top French league and the CL. He still follows and Tweets about us and his nemesis, Rodgers, has been gone for some time so he might be up for it. Their rage alone would make it worth it though.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Why do we keep talking about the rancid Record, just never buy it.

  • John Copeland says:

    This headline will give you an idea of how low of a standard ,the scoops at the Record are ! The Rangers are preparing to ‘launch ‘ a bid for 16year old kid player soon . You read that right ,’launch ,’ as if the boy was a child prodige of world football . The record also had 2 the rangers scoops at the AGM ,with fancy cameras to record the event outside the Armadillo for their army of readers .Very considerate ! All in the name of fairness , obviously!

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