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Belgian reporter braces bears for more transfer disappointment

Image for Belgian reporter braces bears for more transfer disappointment

After smiling a No Comment about transfer updates on Friday, Micky Beale rattled off the life story of Nicolas Raskin.

The midfielder is in dispute with Standard Liege and is the current message board favourite of Ibrox fans to revive their team through his inspirational midfield play.

As a current Belgian u-21 internationalist there are likely to be a couple of other clubs showing interest as his contract ticks down.

Regardless of that, all that it takes is for a few ITKs on message boards to share their inside track and before your know it #raskinisabear is trending across social media.

Belgian based reporter Sacha Tavolieri has 35,000 Twitter followers and real life contacts in football. The fact that Raskin’s brother is following the Tribute Act on Instagram is probably less significant than Tavolieri’s views.

After failing to cut a deal for John Souttar from Hearts a year ago the odds are against Ross Wilson securing any players in the current window who are out of contract in May.

Three weeks ago Beale looked into the eyes of his transfer targets to ensure that they had the minerals to play for the second best team in Glasgow.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol at the bit in the article about Ian Beale reducing the gap,funnyv9 games in and he still hasn’t closed that gap with games running out fast,infact the lead has got bigger with the goal difference getting bigger.
    Aye listening to and reading Jackson the gap is closing.

  • John mcghee says:

    See between beale and jackson at the daily scumhun record these 2 clowns dont even know what they’re talking about honest and yet the daily scumhun record just make up stories that trfc 2012 are buying this player and that player why dont they just buy them eh i can see there 2nd club going to the gutter just like there first club LIQUIDATION 2012 RIP CHEATS OF SCOTLAND RANJURS FC 1872 DEAD FOREVER SCUM..

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