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Big mouth Beale hits out at Swansea for discussing private transfer business in public!

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Over the last fortnight Micky Beale has been drooling over Todd Cantwell, Tom Davies, Morgan Whittaker and today Nicolas Raskin.

No probing or arm-twisting is required, pop a question, drop and name and the new Ibrox boss will rattle off a few paragraphs on most players in the world. He likes to remind whoever will listen that he was once the Liverpool u-23 coach, he refers to them as ‘my Liverpool u-23s’.

Beale followed the development of Cantwell and Davies from u-12 level, Whittaker has been the outstanding player in League One this season while Raskin played against the Ibrox Tribute Act during the lockdown season.

Micky loves football almost as much as he enjoys talking about himself, his incredible achievements and his encyclopedic knowledge of almost any footballer.

After hearing about Beale chuntering away about Whittaker Swansea confirmed that they had turned down a bid from Ross Wilson to take the winger to Ibrox. At Kilmarnock on Wednesday night Beale was surprised when he was informed of the failed bid for Whittaker.

Asked for an update on Whittaker today Beale took exception to Swansea discussing transfer business in public!

There’s no stand-off. We’re doing the business in private but in South Wales they’ve spoken out about it so we’re not going to add to that. He’s come back from loan and could be in their squad this weekend. He’s their player.

Nothing will be announced before the weekend, the focus is on this game. In the last 24 hours there’s been one or two enquiries for some of ours which is interesting.

The focus is on this game but it might be the case one or two of ours might go out temporarily or permanently because they want to play. With one or two coming in you’re making room for what the squad will look like.

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  • Tony B says:

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    Err…. that’s it.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Man is a retard.HH

  • Voice of Reason says:

    Just like the Wanker he worked under who won 1 Fukin Covid Title he Finks he’s World Class!! An ABSOLUTE FUKIN WALLIPER, SMUG PRIK OF A. MAN BASED ON FUK AW!!

  • Dando says:

    “With one or two coming in you’re making room for what the squad will look like”

    No Bealiola, that’s not what you said prior to the window opening…… “Any players that come in will have to be all about quality, not quantity, as we don’t need anymore “squad” players.”

    I fink he’s in over his edd, big Ange has him rinsed already……


  • Nick66 says:

    He’s a walking, talking real time contradicting bullshit Beale. How many eyes can you admit to looking into before you’re accused of stalking?

  • Frankie says:

    This must be the top manager in the world, knows every player in the world has an honours degree in football philosophy has an honours degree in LYING ask QPR fans and directors a complete snake.

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