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‘Consistently pathetic Keith Jackson’ ‘Only rattling is between your ears’ ‘Leave poor Keef alone’ Celtic fans hit back at bizarre rattled claims

Image for ‘Consistently pathetic Keith Jackson’ ‘Only rattling is between your ears’ ‘Leave poor Keef alone’ Celtic fans hit back at bizarre rattled claims

For the third Monday running Ange Postecoglou is dominating Keith Jackson’s thoughts.

The award-winning Daily Record reporter is informing readers of how Micky Beale’s mind games have rattled Ange Postecoglou’s cage.

Strangely Jackson doesn’t give any examples of changes in the behaviour of the Celtic boss, every press conference is the usual mixture of contempt and disdain for the obvious agenda of those that are desperate to see Postecoglou fail.

So far he hasn’t, one SPFL defeat in 16 months is decent going, it has seen off two Ibrox managers with a rookie third playing to the gallery every time he opens his gob. Three derby day victories during 2022 firmly turned the tide.

Since his visit to Ibrox on January 2 Postecoglou has blanked all attempts to get him to discuss the Tribute Act and their hugely impressive new manager.

In contrast Beale knows every detail of every Celtic transfer, after discussing Celtic to newspapers he arranged an exclusive interview with BBC Scotland to go into more detail about the SPFL leaders.

After reporting through a Quadruple Treble that saw newspaper circulation fall through the floor the prospect of Postecoglou creating similar domination has more than a few reporters well and truly rattled.

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  • harold shand says:

    This is all they have , a phoney baloney , made up mind game victory

    When you’re writing stuff about ” Bringing half the Far East with him ”

    It’s easy to see who’s rattled

    It’s this p*sshead hun c*nt

  • Bob (original) says:

    Are Keith Jackson and Hugh Keevins the same person?!

    Their writing style is very similar:
    ‘off the top of the head’ nonsense,
    scribbled down quickly without any balance, any real insights,
    or sharing any [true] details that we don’t already know.

    Or, could Jackson be the love child of Keevins…?! 🙂

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      As long as he gets paid a wage us ordiinary fans can only dream of he does not give a toss what rubbish he writes he is actually laughing at us.

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        He’s not laughing at me as I don’t read him or his rag and haven’t read a rival one in 20 lovely rag free years…

  • Tony B says:

    Auld Spew Heavins is demented. Jackshun is a fan boy jaikie.

    The organ they use their crayons for is in terminal decline, and their incoherent raving is just a symptom of this. Their days are numbered.

    There is a God and He IS a Tim.

  • Dando says:

    Ah, mind the giddy days, Keef, when the original Rangers could field TWO teams full of international players and Celtic were signing Wayne Biggins and the likes……

    It didn’t concern you and the SMSM then about the spending power in Scottish football !!!!!!!

    Oh, and come the 1st, the cousins will officially end Bealiola’s league campaign, but don’t fret it’ll be somebody else’s fault.


  • John S says:

    Between Beale & Jackson it’s hard to tell who’s after who’s job. Sleepless nights for the Celtic manager.

  • Heed the breed says:

    Once again keef the hun being completely obsessed with all things Celtic and you don’t have the minerals to even outsmart Ange’s left pinky.
    The next press conference or down the line the bigman wil tare him up for toilet paper along with the spfl trophy.

  • Thomas Daly says:


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