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Horrendous- Joe Hart’s Hampden verdict

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Joe Hart didn’t pull any punches as he slaughtered the state of the Hampden pitch that the SFA expected Celtic and Kilmarnock to play their Viaplay Cup semi-final on.

The hoops goalkeeper spent the bulk of his career playing on the bowling green surfaces of the EPL but cut his teeth at Shrewsbury where he would have performed on a few ploughed fields.

At the start of December Queens Park used Hampden Park for two matches, since the September internationals the SFA and their groundstaff have had plenty of time to prepare the National Stadium for two showpiece matches this weekend followed by one match at the end of February.

Judging by the state of the pitch yesterday Ian Maxwell and the SFA have again failed the game miserably.

It was a tough game- freezing, the pitch was horrendous, but we got it done and found a way. It was hard to get a good view of the goals, but they looked a little bit scrappy, but we got them over the line and made it happen.

The pitch looked soft from the warm up, the rain didn’t help but rain is common in Scotland in January, other clubs are able to present pitches that are playable.

Overnight running repairs will have been carried out at Hampden for today’s semi-final, it is unlikely that the two teams will have a surface to showcase the Scottish game on.

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