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It doesn’t add up for stressed out Micky Beale

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It seems that the lack of transfer activity and constant need to talk up every aspect of his club and his own limited career is getting through to Micky Beale.

The Ibrox boss topped up his media duties this week with a one-to-one interview with BBC Scotland as he shared his revolutionary thoughts on management as well as discussing Celtic and Ange Postecoglou.

Counting from Sunday through to Saturday covers seven days but after beating St Johnstone tonight Beale twice referred to playing three games in six days.

The Sun reports the Ibrox boss saying:

We certainly didn’t need three games in six days on two cow fields. I’m delighted with everything. It’s been three games in six days, all away from Ibrox.

I want to talk about our fans who have travelled around in January, which isn’t easy after Christmas and New Year. I’m pleased to reward them by getting through.

When the draw was made, everyone looked at it as a sticky game on a difficult pitch. That’s exactly what it was.

Hopefully Ross Wilson can complete a transfer or two in the week ahead to ease the pressure that seems to be impacting on Beale.

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  • Nick66 says:

    Every day that passes by, the loan market shrinks. As every lowball offer is kicked into touch Mick (I looked into their eyes) The Hypnotist Beale, realises his own limits are only outweighed by the fiscal limits of the “engine room subsidiary/ Club”. So he cries about Celtic having oodles of cash.
    Word to the wise Mick, Dave K, financed you and your boss for one purpose, DK, sailed close to the wind and when it was done F’d off. Now that he has no reason to be there he’s left everyone else to pick up the pieces. Micky, Mikey, Mick or just Bealing you thought the Mr Gerard scenario was yours to pick up on. Backed up to the hilt , naw, backed into a corner.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Beale may have the makings of a really good manager – or not.

    Beale may be an extremely smart operator – or not.

    But, Beale must be painfully aware – now – that he is, erm, extremely exposed.

    No transfer ‘war chest’, whilst trying to get a tune out of the previous manager’s unconvincing – and aged – team.

    Even if Beale wins both cups, the bears, [and those in the Blue Room], will be foaming at the mouth – because they missed out on the title and the CL qualification monies.

    Beale has been set up at the patsy… maybe someone should tell him. 🙂

  • UlyssesGunt says:

    Matt Lucas …. Look into my eyes …

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