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Jackson explains how Beale’s mind games have rattled Ange’s cage!

Image for Jackson explains how Beale’s mind games have rattled Ange’s cage!

Keith Jackson has been explaining to Daily Record readers how Micky Beale has rattled Ange Postecoglou’s cage.

With eight wins and one draw in the SPFL Premiership, a place in the Viaplay Cup booked and three January signings completed life inside the Celtic manager’s cage seems pretty tranquil.

During the week three Daily Record reporters discussed how Beale had got under Postecoglou’s skin, it seems to be something of a theme at the Glasgow based publisher to suggest that the hoops boss is under pressure from the third manager that he has faced from Ibrox in 18 months.

As Celtic fans know their manager completely dismisses the noise, sideshows and media distractions, his focus is solely on his squad of players, how to improve each player and how to add quality to his squad.

One SPFL defeat and three draws during 2022 suggest that his ways are delivering results with the early signs in 2023 suggesting that things aren’t on the verge of falling apart.

Picking up on the word lucky that apparently has unnerved the Celtic boss, Jackson tells Daily Record readers:

What’s luck got to do with it? Well, had Eddie Howe’s feet not turned to ice at the thought of taking on the task of rebuilding Celtic then Postecoglou would probably still be ‘playing his football’ on the other side of the planet rather than bringing half the Far East with him to Glasgow.

After that put down he gets into his stride praising the work of Beale who has won six of his nine matches in charge by a single goal while Celtic strengthen their goal difference advantage to plus 23 as well as nine points.

All the noise in the world isn’t distracting Postecoglou who has complete focus on getting the maximum out of his squad, knowing that he has no influence or control over things outside of Celtic.

Jackson later adds:

If Kent can be persuaded to hang around for a season or two and the likes of Cantwell, Whittaker and Raskin are added to the squad for the remainder of the current campaign, then Beale will have played his hand perfectly. He may have planted his tongue inside his cheek when he branded Postecoglou a lucky man the other week and rattled the big man’s cage in the process.

In terms of results and behaviour Postecoglou is completely unaffected by the mind games of the rookie manager across the city, regardless of the importance that certain publishers are placing on Beale’s words.

It seems that Beale’s claim that Aberdeen is the third best team in Scotland has escaped Jackson’s notice even if it has been noted by the players and fans of Hearts and Livingston.

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  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Only thing rattling is the wee motors in your head,never heard so pish in my life.Both you and rent a gob Beale,have no chance of upsetting the big man.as for transfer money Slippy G spent considerably more than Ange.Bur why let the truth get in the way of a good story,as you’ve never let it before

  • Stevie says:

    The far east comment is wee bit below the belt. The usual from the gutter. Try and upset the manager. Every time Celtic have a new gaffer it’s always the same.

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      The manager is far too intelligent to read this rag and this idiot’s opinion Stevie !

      Hopefully they’ll be in the newspaper cemetery by the time Ange decides on pastures new…

  • PAUL MCCANN says:

    thank goodness ange left the far east for the east end of glasgow

  • John says:

    Celtic will win the league by about 30 points as the cheats of fraudulent towers are nervous they may about to be given a ‘Juventus’ for their continued creative accounting and breaches of FFP. A warning notice has already been served. To be honest Celtic would still win it if they were given 15 points. Keech Jackson a succulent lamb muncher when he wasn’t on his knees for ‘loan boy’ Murray. Keep ’em coming, Daily Ranger including the hardly disguised racism.

  • Scud Missile says:

    This is LIEWELL’S lackies doing his dirty work as I said last week when the guy with a coupon like a melted wellie aka the BOOZE JOCKEY Jackass Jackson was slating Big Ange then and again this,it will continue for the rest of the season.
    LIEWELL plan is it eventually gets to the big man he leaves and in comes the other ALKIE JAKEY BOOZE JOCKEY Lennon.

  • Tony B says:

    More pish and total bollocks from hun supporting jaikie ex player Keech Jackshun.

    Still, he has to try to sell papers to the increasingly diminishing sevco readership.

  • harold shand says:

    You know this rag are fuming when their doing articles about Kris Commons saying bad stuff about our transfers on the eve of us signing another player

  • John Copeland says:

    More bollocks from the same haemorrhoid rag that printed that Gio has Ange sussed ! Remember that ! It was the Record’s Rangers ex captain fantastic Barry Ferguson ,who had his opinion ghost typed by a scoop at the rag , to emit another feel good factor piece . It’s all piffle and bollocks together … pifflocks …

  • Annemarie clarke says:

    Moley beale and jackson talks so.much of a lot of sh.t.. why would ange rise to that ar.se.
    He knows the league is over not forgetting the goal difference.. we are more interested in our team f..k yous and manky mob our manager is a very sensible manager not like them.clownd

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