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Kenny Macintyre makes referee claim over Celtic penalty

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In 11 home matches in the SPFL Celtic haven’t been awarded a single penalty.

During that sequence Dundee United and Ross County have been given penalties at Celtic Park, two clubs at the bottom of the SPFL, clubs that have managed just nine victories combined, scoring a total of 40 goals.

Yesterday, after 15 minutes of a Scottish Cup tie against Morton the game was halted to review a penalty box incident.

After three minutes of a VAR review and Kevin Clancy checking the pitchside monitor Celtic were awarded the least welcome penalty that many fans have ever witnessed.

On social media the decision was slaughtered by most Celtic supporters, a joke decision with many believing that it was awarded to balance up against the penalties given to Dundee United and Ross County.

Did Kevin Clancy get it right with Celtic penalty against Morton?

Yes, the VAR and match official know the laws

Yes, the VAR and match official know the laws

No, a joke decision, never ever a penalty

No, a joke decision, never ever a penalty

Back in the BBC Scotland studio it became the big issue that Kenny Macintyre wanted to deal with, one of his referee friends messaged him to say that it was never a penalty, a message that Macintyre was keen to share with listeners, and the BBC to share on social media.

Celtic fans have been keen for accountability on VAR since they were denied a penalty for a clear handball by Michael Smith from a James Forrest pass at Tynecastle in October.

Hopefully now that BBC Scotland have been outraged they can chase the issue up and get another appearance from Crawford Allan of the SFA to provide some clarity.

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  • Richard O'Malley says:

    I was at game yesterday no one in staduim fans or players knew what was going on when game was stopped by VAR to check penalty decision to award a penalty for that was ridiculous, maybe just maybe if the media had been strong enough in past and said how they really felt about terrible decisions in past games we wouldn’t be at this point in the game.VAR officials in a studio are now referring our games and officials at games need to be stronger and call it as they see it.

  • Jack says:

    If he gave that should have gave the next one if anything second one stopped the ball going to a cektic player a yard from goal consistently us all we ask for

    • Justshatered says:

      I don’t think he could give the second one because it ricochet on to his hand.
      As far as I know the ball has to hit the hand directly. If it comes off another part of the body and then contacts the hand the referee can’t give it.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol don’t you just love the PAIN they are in talking about that be that a bad decision or good,Macintyre and that specky THICK clown English fighting over the sick bucket all because we got a penalty ,and for English to go back the incident in the Killie game previously that made my day knowing it still riles him.

  • Peter king says:

    I’m a celtic supporter and it’s not a penalty the laws about handball need to be updated it’s a joke Peter

  • John Copeland says:

    The most pathetic thing about Mac Intyre and his host of fellow the Rangers fan boys at the BBC ,is that we all pay them for the privilege to air their obvious partiality and bias !The second most pathetic thing is that we all allow it to happen ,every single time !

  • Justshatered says:

    I’ve said before, VAR isn’t the problem but the imbeciles we have implementing it.
    How much longer are the clubs going to put up with such a poor level of officiating.
    Every time the ball goes in a box it’s like Russian roulette.

  • John mcghee says:

    Anyone who pays for a tv licence and watching the scum BILLY BOYS CLUB give these corrupt bastards nothing i would for that bbc channel to fucking die and take they masonic scumbags with them i never watch anything on the bbc and never because there all rats that work on it..

  • Robert Downey says:

    McIntyre is an absolute fool.
    Any Celtic fan I know has agreed its never a penalty.
    Yet he wants to make an issue of it, yes Kenny it was never a penalty, issue over.
    He is one of the most Asinine broadcasters out there.
    Did he expect Celtic to refuse the penalty or miss it on purpose.

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