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Micky Beale cranks up his board pressure with 48 hour transfer demands

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After 28 days of the transfer window only Todd Cantwell has been added to Micky Beale’s squad.

In the first week of January the new Ibrox look looked deeply into the eyes of a number of players contracted to other clubs to ensure that they are upto the demands of pulling on the treasured Castore kit.

More than a week ago Beale stated that he had done his bit in terms of transfers- passing the baton to Ross Wilson to complete the deals from a very limited budget.

Lowball bids have been rejected by Swansea and Standard Liege for Morgan Whittaker, now Beale is expecting his Director of Football to deliver in the last three days of the week.

There’s one or two names in the media and youze have all run away with those a little bit because you are getting snippets from the other clubs.

There is a lot of that that I fink is not right about those fings. There’s more wrong in those bits of speculation than right.

There’s one or two other players that we are talking to, if we get them done I will be delighted, if we don’t I will just keep working.

We are all aligned, I’m upto speed with everyfing, I fink that everyone finks that me and the board don’t talk or me and Ross (transfer guru Wilson) don’t talk, I’m together every minute of every day.

We’re all together on the same page, if we don’t get the work done now we’ll do more work in the summer, if we do it now it will be less in the summer.

I fink it’s got to be the right players, I’m hoping, listen it is just a debut, just 60 minutes but I’m hoping that you are finking that Todd Cantwell looks the right player, the right fit, he’s aligned.

I would like us to add a midfielder to the squad, that’s powerful and can run. I would like to add a centre half to the squad, I think we’ll looking at the goalie situation in the summer, i fink we’ll be looking for another number nine.

If we going to get all that done in the next 48 hours? There is more time in the summer and its got to be the right type of players. Nobody wants to strengthen this squad more than Ross, more than the board and more than myself. It’s in our interests to build a strong Rangers, a stronger squad and team than we have right now.

Later he added

I fink that there will be a couple of fings in the next 48 hours one way or another. Can I guarantee you that as I sit here will we have new arrivals? No. Are we going to try our best? Definatly.

With more than three days of the transfer window left Wilson has more than 72 hours to deliver the signings his manager is demanding.

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