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Oh no- Scottish Express perform sharp u-turn over Celtic’s striker deal

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On Wednesday morning the Scottish Express were informing their readers of a double blow for Celtic with Cho Guen-sung and Oh Hyeun Gyu both staying put during the January transfer window.

It seemed that the Reach Group publication has strong contacts in South Korean football, giving the lowdown on bad news for Celtic and Celtic fans.

Overnight on Thursday there are strong reports from Korea that the Oh deal is very much on with quotes from his club manager and details of a massive salary increase.

Even the Express can’t ignore that in the race for clicks, seems like good news for Celtic fans but a Giorgos Giakoumakis story is likely to surface as back up.

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  • Bigeal says:

    Why are you surprised at a Scottish so called “news” paper is blatant out of touch, all they ever do is try and find feelgood story’s for ther preferred club and just make up the rest, i am not sure their is another country in the world where all the media outlets are biased to one entity, except perhaps North Korea, the whole lot of them are paralysed with fear at the thought of honestly reporting what is going on in Scottish football, I don’t need to name the club, even their own supporters accept they are judged to a different standard than the rest, in fact they revell in it, not one media outlet has the balls to call it what it is, and the people who should and could call it out are cowardly in their silence, yes the Celtic board

  • John Copeland says:

    Don’t worry ,give it a few days and the Express/Record /Star will be back on track printing their usual anti Celtic feel bad tales of woe ! If by some miraculous way that Celtic FC announced the double signing of Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe ,that posse of rag tabloids would attempt to find fault with it and criticise the feat


      Naw, if Messi or Mbappe or any Celebrity Footballer moves for megabuck
      they’ll report it as yet another ‘ Selic Miss Out, yet again, in the chase to blah blah blah….’
      Nothing surer.

  • Bigmick says:

    The Oh deal is being delayed because apparently his cat has got worms and it takes until the summer for the treatment to take full effect…Oh well, that’s that then.

  • John mcghee says:

    The scum media in scotland are just scumbags who are terrified to report the truth incase the union bears go after them so they make out to be telling the truth when everyone knows its lies the Scottish media are just fuckpigs and they’ll time will come 1 day and i hope they all suffer honest dirty lowlife cowards everyone of them RATS RATS RATS.

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