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The 9am Celtic transfer rumour

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Speculation from Korea suggests that there could be a 9am announcement that Oh Hyeon-gyu is a Celtic player.

Since last Thursday night the reports of a deal between Celtic and Suwon Bluewings has stepped up a level as the mechanics of a deal are completed.

On Sunday an image surfaced claiming to be of Oh dining in a Glasgow hotel with other jigsaw pieces falling into place over the last couple of days.

Korean site reports:

Professional soccer K-League 1 Suwon Samsung striker Oh Hyun-kyu has been confirmed to go to Celtic in the Scottish Premier League (SPL).

An official from Suwon told ‘News 1’ on the 25th, “We have reached an agreement on the transfer of Hyungyu Oh with Celtic. It is at the stage where only the official announcement is left. We are discussing it,” he said.

Celtic has expressed interest in Oh Hyun-gyu even before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and was active enough to propose a transfer to Suwon four times right after the World Cup.

Suwon initially designated Oh Hyun-kyu as an ‘irreplaceable player’ and rejected Celtic’s offer several times. However, both transfer fees and player salaries have recently jumped to a level that is difficult for the club to throw out, so they have changed their direction and entered into negotiations with a positive attitude.

According to Suwon officials, the agreed transfer fee is 3 million euros (approximately 4.2 billion won). This is higher than the known 2.5 million euros. The annual salary is around 700 to 800 million won, which is also a big jump from what he received in the K-League.

Oh Hyun-gyu flew to London, England during the Lunar New Year holiday and went through paperwork procedures such as issuing a work permit, and later completed all of the Celtic and medical tests in Glasgow. Now, the two clubs have finished all the detailed coordination and only the announcement is left.

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