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Todd Cantwell’s amazing Ibrox makeover

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Micky Beale finally managed to get a signing completed with the arrival of Todd Cantwell.

The slightly built midfielder is about to be transformed through the wonders on the Murray Park training sessions put on by the former Liverpool youth coach.

That transformation seems to have taken place already with some creative Ibrox fans adding bulk and colour to the former Norwich starlet.

Having not played since the start of November Cantwell will go on a crash fitness course to get him ready for SPFL action.

Beale already has John Lundstram. Ryan Jack, Glen Kamara, James Sands, Malik Tillman and Scot Arfield to select from with Ianis Hagi and Tom Lawrence on their way back from long term injuries.

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  • John Copeland says:

    He can’t header ,he can’t tackle ,he’s built like a beanpole ,he’s unfit ! I’m pretty sure this model professional ,ahem , shall be a dear friend with the Ibrox physios and treatment table . He does have a very fetching Jim White style of bum fluff on his top lip though …

    • TicToc says:

      …what if he was bought mainly for his theatrical diving ability…..Scottish refs don’t need any convincing when it’s just another in a hun strip cheating……am I just paranoid?
      I hope so, but history generally proves I was never paranoid enough.
      And I know the history…….

  • UlyssesGunt says:

    Maybe they’ve signed him for the womens team , ??

  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol how long before we see him play then get injured and be out fir the next 2 months,guaranteed to pick up a slight knock and before you know he is keeping Soutar and the others company on that treatment table.
    Oh and when he does go for a haircut and barber,hairdresser asks do you want anything off the top his answer will,ye Celtic.

  • Keith says:

    Ye buy shite…
    Ye get shite….

  • John S says:

    Next year they’ll be saying he’s worth £20M in China.

  • Scud Missile says:

    As soon they bought him for the price of a Christmas hamper he instantly became a multi million pound player.
    With EPL teams now looking at him.

  • Stevie says:

    Maybe Ryan Kent’s brother took it to add to his bondage photograph collection.

  • the maister says:

    Of course, no-one remembers that he tried a bicycle-kick shot from in or around the box when they played in a friendly against Celtic at Celtic Park and made a complete and utter arse of it!
    Maybe that is why they bought him. Everybody love a trier!

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