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Watch Ryan Jack’s x-rated assault on Adam Montgomery that Willie Collum refused to show red for

Image for Watch Ryan Jack’s x-rated assault on Adam Montgomery that Willie Collum refused to show red for

Willie Collum used his ‘interpretation’ of the Laws of the Game to keep Ryan Jack on the park at Ibrox today.

Just over a minute after sending Nicky Clark off the Lanarkshire referee decided not to reduce the match to 10 v 10 despite a brutal attack on Adam Montgomery’s ankle.

The Ibrox midfielder slid in late with a needless challenge that was always going to damage an opponent, Collum viewed the incident and decided that it was a booking.

Nick Walsh on VAR suggested that the match referee should take another look, Collum checked the pitch-side monitor and stood by his decision

Jack will be available for Wednesday’s match at Tynecastle instead of serving a suspension.

Away to Hibs in August Collum sent off John Lundstram and Alfredo Morelos. The Lundstram red card was overturned on appeal, today at Ibrox Collum made sure that there was going to be no repeat.

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  • the maister says:

    Thug! Pure and simple!

  • Thomas short says:

    It’s week in week out these refs are atrocious

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Tavpen is some player, always scoring , people down here think his name is Tavpen.ryan jack the dirty thug escapes again,refereeing in Scotland is shocking.

  • Tambhoy50 says:

    Nothing unusual from ludge referees and ludge sfa don’t upset the apple kart no bad decisions against rangers but always give them the benefit of the doubt

  • John S says:

    The corruption has to be stopped. Fans are disillusioned and will vote with their feet.

  • Scud Missile says:

    LOL as the advert goes I’m luvin it. Another week goes by and the cheating continues,I don’t blame the refs or the SFA or the board.
    I BLAME the BENNYS in the Celtic support who continue to show up week in week out and part with their cash to a rigged game.
    I hope you all continue to watch and pay for Big Daddy v Giant Haystacks and all their mates every week.
    We all know the procedure every week no sevco players to be sent off,no penalties awarded against sevco,but 1 or 2 penalties awarded to sevco each game with at least 1 opposition player sent off.
    Enjoy the league victory this season because we ain’t winning it next season as decisions like today will see to that,oh and remember Big Ange is tattie bye once the league before the season is out.
    Don’t shoot the messenger,don’t say you all had been WARNED.

    • Walter Chinstrap says:

      Hey Fud Missile!

      You’re a broken record son, tiresome.

      You’d blame the cure for the illness rather than the illness

      Away and raffle yourself.

    • Stevie says:

      Seems you know everything that you’re really interested in. These guys pay their way unlike you to support the team so are justified in what they decide to do. So shut it and watch the games on yer wee firestick and let the rest of us get on wae it.

  • John Copeland says:

    The only way the corruption and incompetence stops is for other clubs and their board members to officially protest In writing and digitally to the charlatans running Scottish football … Altogether as a unit of alliance ! Name names ,times and dates of decisions ,who played whom ,which ref was in charge of the games and the VAR ref too . Everything and anything that will make the case against one Clumpany’s good fortune and the other 11clubs’horrendous misfortune …Enough is more than enough already ! If the correct people get involved ,then heads will roll …

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