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A short story- how the SFA hung Stuart Dougal out to dry

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Whether it is Dougal Stuart or Allan Crawford there is nothing more predictable than the views of a former referee.

Regardless of the decision those on the circuit will always stand by their colleagues, arguing that black was white as they go through the verbal gymnastics to justify the latest ‘honest mistakes’.

With the introduction of VAR honest mistakes should be a thing of the past. Willie Collum decided to make one on Saturday, Bearsden PE teacher Nick Walsh decided not to correct the match referee and give him the get out of the pitchside monitor.

Collum compounded things by refusing to send off Ryan Jack for a more serious attack on Adam Montgomery, he compounded his error by watching it again and standing by his decision to yellow card the Ibrox midfielder.

Whatever decisions Collum comes up with he can count on the backing of Dougal, only BBC Scotland would pay him for his entirely predictable opinions.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Dougal used to be a neighbour: arrogant chap who didn’t come across as the brightest.

    Hopefully, this latest embarrassment will now keep him away from the media…?

    Can only hope.

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