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He’ll regret that- Micky Beale joins in the Neil McCann pile on

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Even Micky Beale has joined in the pile on off Neil McCann.

Picking up a fee from BBC Scotland for sharing his expert analysis of the action from Tynecastle last night McCann said that ‘the boy is an idiot’ in reference to Alfredo Morelos’ goal celebrations.

Instantly on social media angry bears turned on the former Rangers winger with that trend picked up by the media at Tynecastle.

Overnight the issue was trending, at a media conference today Beale was asked about McCann’s comments with The Sun reporting the Ibrox boss saying:

You have to celebrate a goal, if he doesn’t people would say he is moody and wants away.

He (Morelos) was about twenty yards away from the pitch. We should probably be talking about the abuse that comes the other way for players rather than celebrating.

I think Neil’s obviously on the radio, passionate, he’s trying to be impartial and said what he said. I think he’ll regret that more than Alfredo celebrating.

That regret is likely to come in the form of no more RTV invites with other media doors closing on the former Dundee boss.

McCann also works with the StormSportX Agency which lists James Tavernier and Glen Kamara among their clients.

CLICK HERE for McCann’s LinkedIn profile.

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  • Frankie says:

    At the end of the day they can go on and on about how old they are, titles won , but the real thing is LQUIDATION and celebration oot ye toot ask lord hodge.

  • BriBhoy says:

    Does anyone else remember the same fans that are defending El Buffoonalo’s antics last night wanting Polish Catholic Artur Boruc handed a lifetime ban and concurrent life sentence in BarL for having the audacity to bless himself whilst playing against the Deidco Huns? Players do actually do that all the time in football matches in leagues all around the world, with no one batting an eyelid. However, as always, the unwashed knuckle draggers seemed to think they were some special case, on the grounds that this gesture would incite them to violence. If you’re incited to violence by someone doing that, then I think you’re the problem, not them, but the arrogance and hypocrisy of these entitled bellends over this is breathtaking.

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