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Nick Walsh’s incredible stats from Celtic’s win over Livingston

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Wednesday February 1 wasn’t the greatest day in the career of Nick Walsh.

He might be the golden boy of the SFA, handing one of two Glasgow derbies this season and one of two Viaplay Cup semi-finals but that doesn’t make him immune to bad performances.

Midway through Wednesday morning he got word through that the SFA had accepted Nicky Clark’s appeal against getting sent off at Ibrox on Saturday.

Walsh’s job was to ensure that there is no need for an appeal. Willie Collum made the mistake on the pitch, with the benefit of multiple camera angles Walsh agreed with that decision, he didn’t suggest that his colleague buys himself some time by checking the pitch-side monitor.

With that on his mind he drove to Celtic Park for the visit of Livingston, a game that should have been as stress-free as St Johnstone’s visit to Ibrox

It could be said that Walsh refereed the game erratically. Despite having 81% possession Celtic committed 11 fouls in last night’s 3-0 win compared to just five from Livingston according to the BBC Scotland stats.

Research shows that effective playing time in the SPFL Premiership is 58.3% which comes in at 52.47 minutes of playing time. With the Livingston goalkeeper warned about time wasting after eight minutes there was probably even less playing time in last night’s match.

With Livingston having the ball 19% of the time that comes in at 10 minutes, Walsh awarded David Martindale’s side a free kick every 55 seconds that they were in possession.

In contrast Celtic had possession for 42 minutes and 30 seconds, with just five fouls committed the visitors were guilty of foul play every eight and a half minutes. Livingston were awarded a free kick nine times as frequently as Celtic while in possession.

Last night was Celtic’s 12th home match in the SPFL Premiership, Walsh has refereed one third of them.

CLICK HERE for BBC Scotland statistics.

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  • Neil Smith says:

    Walsh is a disgrace on many counts. But like most refs just loves to give cards n free kicks against Celtic.

    It’s all over though reading what rangers got away with at tynecastle BB kicking the ball at a hearts fan nothing done, AM so called celebrating and needling Hearts fans nothing done.

    Then thee after match pile up on McCann followed my the rangers manager coming out with he’ll regret it today, now what does he mean by that exactly??? And then his defence of Duffalo with his tiresome I’ve been/seen everything and celebrating in front of opposition fans normal… Not like he did it it’s not… Jeez u can get sick of Scotland sometimes

  • Stewart says:

    It does not run in last nites game and with that ref,, it seems to be the norm no mater who the ref is every game we play them kind of stats are as steady asa a rock,, seems to be the way to break up play against us,, but of course we’re paranoid!!!

  • Joe says:

    And they claim to not be corrupt!

  • Holysmokes says:

    Mind blowing.

  • Alexander Steele says:

    I just feel that some refs favour one side off the old firm and make it hard on the other one and I am not an old firm supporter the sfa should be doing something about this and stop ignoring it


      The SFA are behind it.
      Their purpose in life is to assist Sevco maintain the illusion
      that they are the same Club, a big Club and a successful Club
      ( at least in a Scottish context, got to protect the Establishment Klub).

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      You are correct Alexander in that you are not an old firm supporter as that term died on 14-6-2012 when rangers died….

      But a good point about The SFA doing something about it – though sadly they never will !

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