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The boy is an idiot! Neil McCann puts lucrative media income stream in jeopardy

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Neil McCann has put one media income source at serious risk after branding Alfredo Morelos an idiot for his goal celebrations at Tynecastle last night.

The former Scotland tax dodger was on duty for Radio Scotland last night with his comments quickly picked up by The Sun and the Daily Record. Furious bears quickly formed a pile on.

This Saturday when Ross County visit Ibrox McCann will be looking for a cosy gig in the ‘Rangers TV’ joining someone like Craig Morre or Alan Hutton for small talk with Emma Dodds.

After being sacked by Dundee and with a number of financial problems McCann has been chasing as much media work as possible with ‘Rangers TV’ a cosy and reliable earner.

He might have brought some attention and feedback to Radio Scotland from last night’s expert analysis but it could be costly if the invites to ‘Rangers TV’ stop arriving.

If a leading bear inside BBC Scotland takes issue with the Morelos comments McCann’s media career could be grinding to a halt.

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  • Bhoy4life says:

    Newco supporters saying its just a goal celebration after almost all of them requiring weekly therapy sessions when Broony did something similar.
    Irony is just a big lump of metal to these bigoted racist bampots.

  • Scud Missile says:

    McCann out one door Laughfarty in the other.

  • John Copeland says:

    He realised very ,very quickly after his criticism of big Alfoodo ,that his media work was in jeopardy and so recanted his comments ! Almost as if he saw his cash cow floating off into the night sky in slow motion ! Or maybe an attentive producer whispered in his shell like that he HAD to retract his honest observation as it’s not BBC Scotland policy to upset the Rangers applecart ….. Who knows …

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