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BBC funnyman Tam Cowan goes all in on SNP attack in late night Instagram rant

Image for BBC funnyman Tam Cowan goes all in on SNP attack in late night Instagram rant

Tam Cowan took to Instagram late on Wednesday night to make a highly politicised attack on the SNP.

For 25 years the Motherwell fan has been 50% of BBC Scotland’s Off The Ball team with Stuart Cosgrove, casting their sideways and mainly sarcastic look at Scottish football.

With his media experience Cosgrove keeps the show on the straight and narrow legally but he can’t control the social media content of his buddy who was reacting to a mention in the House of Commons with the maturity of a 12-year-old that had been grounded and had his pocket money withdrawn.

At the weekend Cowan was sharing his hilarious views about Gary Lineker, as a fellow freelance he might find himself in hot water for his unsubstantiated attacks on the SNP.

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Late on Wednesday night wacky Tam commented:

Wow. Just wow! With @thesnp going through a torrid time – @nicolasturgeon chucking it three weeks after having plenty left in the tank, fingers pointing at @petermurrellsnp on a daily basis, the missing £600k, very strange £100,000 “loans” and the party being torn to shreds by its own would-be leaders on every TV debate, you’d think @hannah_bardell would have more important matters to address.

But no, as much as I’m quietly chuffed at my first ever mention in the House of Commons, she decides to compare a funny video I re-posted of lassies making an arse of themselves (a lot of them whilst totally pissed) with zero “injuries” – except for one chipped tooth and a dollop of hurt pride – with the Gary Lineker/1930s Germany episode!!!

I can’t get my head around this at all – I’m genuinely stunned – but if any of the 28,000 people who viewed the video, the 900 people who “liked” it or the countless people who commented and laughed at it (mainly female followers, BTW!) would like to have a stab at making sense of this utter nonsense, please feel free to get in touch.

And my DMs are always open for any smart friends & colleagues who can offer a word of advice on this absolutely ridiculous matter. I don’t know what you’re trying to achieve here, Hannah, but with a nod to the hashtag in your Insta bio – #loveislove – I really wish you’d practise what you preach. As for the “level playing field” are we onlyWacky allowed to laugh at blokes making an arse of themselves on social media? Deary, deary me, I give up…


Maybe you could have taken the higher ground Tam but it seems you’ve shown your political colours and pointed fingers back. Pity.


@comeoanthewell I don’t HAVE any political colours. As for pointing fingers, do you blame me? Am I not meant to respond when, totally out of the blue, I’m suddenly being mentioned in the House of Commons?!? Give us a break, FFS


I think her point was more, both Tam and Gary are seen to be BBC employees. Gary’s been reprimanded over his output on social media, where Tam posts with impunity. I’m not saying I agree, necessarily, but I think that was the angle of attack; more on BBC hypocrisy than the video (but she clearly didn’t enjoy that).


Sorry tam .. you said you avoided politics but your opening paragraph would suggest not, what you’ve done is lacking in sensitivity & you can see is how it could be viewed mysoginistic.. apologise and move on


Spent all weekend on OTB acting like you and Lineker were in the same boat too. This has fair burst your bubble Tam

Cowan is also a popular figure on the After Dinner circuit sharing his humour with Bowling Clubs, Masonic Clubs and Gold Clubs with the sort of views and humour that goes down a treat. He also has a column in the Daily Record.

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A post shared by Tam Cowan (@therealtamcowan)

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  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    This muppet is playing oban soon.
    4 tickets sold so far!!!

  • John Copeland says:

    Wow ! Just wow ! I find it very funny there are people out there who find Cowan funny ! I personally think he’s about as funny as a self administered colonoscopy …. Where’s the vaseline ?

  • Tony B says:

    Lord Hee Haw Cowan is a dyed in the wool Unionist and sevco apologist who praises Scottish referees to the hilt despite all evidence to the contrary.

    A man of no talent but obviously well connected hence his prominence in Scottish meedjit circles.

    A would be Bernard Manning but lacking the balls of the original.

    He “gives up” ?

    Many of us wish he would.

  • the maister says:

    Brainless Wonder!

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