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BINGO- Why McTominay to Ibrox makes so much sense

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Two days after scoring twice against Spain the Daily Record has managed to put together the perfect yarn for their army of readers.

The usual story about bringing Billy Gilmore home has been put on the back burner but a new solution has been found in the shape of Scott McTominay.

At the age of 26 with close to 200 Manchester United appearances behind him the midfielder is at his playing peak.

Unfortunately the signing of Casemiro has pushed him onto the bench at Old Trafford but McTominay remains highly valued by manager Erik ten Hag- and plenty of other clubs across the EPL.

Coming through the ranks at Old Trafford is the perfect apprenticeship but rather than take the next step up the career ladder the Record are making out the case for a move to Ibrox to work for Micky Beale’s revolution!

With that idea bouncing around tuning in to Craig Moore on Go Radio completed the gap for the digital team at the Record:

He would be amazing for Rangers. He has a physicality and a presence. He does the simple things well. He’s not a fancy player but he does the basics very well.

He’s obviously a wonderful professional because you don’t spend that length of time at Manchester United without being a fantastic professional

I don’t know what Rangers are looking at but to see someone like McTominay and it would only be a loan because that’s the only way a deal would be possible – would be great. But Man United would probably swallow a large part of that bill.

Yeah, to keep Moore and the Daily Record happy Manchester United PLC will loan a £40m asset to Ibrox for a year and pay the bulk of his wages in order to play alongside Todd Cantwell and Nico Raskin.

McTominay is under contract until June 2025, this coming summer would be the perfect time to sell him but retaining a home developed talent is likely to be a priority as ten Hag puts together a squad to challenge for the EPL.

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  • Bob (original) says:

    Come on, we shouldn’t laugh at those less fortunate, dead clubs.
    [ 🙂 ]

    But, McTominay is 26 years old is he…?
    It’s so obvious.
    Sevco is planning ahead for their summer revamp.

    Morelos is 26 years old too: it’s going to be a straight swap deal!
    And I’m sure The DR reported that Morelos was worth £30M or £40M
    just a year or two ago.

    Unless Lille – finally – swoops in for Morelos. 🙂

  • the maister says:

    These pure fantasy stories are like opium for the Huns, who can’t get enough of it. It satisfies their ambitions over and above the dreadful realities of their own lives!

    A failed football team and a culture which no other section of society remotely shares or even readily recognises with and which tends to dominate others.

    They have shrunk into their own little comforting world of lies; detached from the reality of life, where hatred of another denomination and race colours all their thinking and justifies them.

    As long as they have their hatred, then all will be well with them!

  • Dora says:

    Imagine swapping the theatre of dreams for the crumble dome aka- ‘The bigotdome’..

  • Scud Missile says:

    A £100 million double him and Gunn to ibrox this summer.

  • Peter L Moran says:

    Funny how a thought came into my head after the Scotland result that was great for them. Watch this, the McTerminator will be next on That mobs sights. Let them live in their fantasy world. That’ll do for our Bhoys as they live in the real world through hard work and desire to be the best.Hail Hail the Bhoys ???

  • Dando says:

    It depends whether Bealiola has already looked deeper in tae his eye’s yet, if it is so, it’s a done deal……


  • Eamonn Little says:

    What a culture shock for Mctominay that would be,time machine FC.Christ on a bike,this is mad.

  • Captain Swing says:

    Is it season ticket renewal time soon? Asking for a friend……

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