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Celtic have peaked- Cantwell and Raskin send delusions sky high

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It is unlikely that Todd Cantwell and Nicolas Raskin have any idea of the expectations that they carry to Celtic Park on April 8.

The fact that they were left out of Micky Beale’s side for the final of the Viaplay Cup has sent their reputations sky high.

Instantly they are now getting the sort of star billing that John Lundstram was enjoying a year ago as the scariest stare in the game projected his side all the way to defeat in the Europa League.

Incredibly neither Raskin or Cantwell has scored a goal but already the hype is overwhelming. To be fair each star has contributed an assist against Championship sides at home in the Scottish Cup. A goal for either player at Motherwell on Saturday will probably be registered on the Richter scale.

The form of Beale’s side is just as uncomfortable on the eye as it was before the arrival of the two January signings, quietly Malik Tillman has been eased aside with two new starlets to drool over.

Whether Beale has the minerals to field the deadly duo against Celtic on April 8 remains to be seen, if the result goes against him Gary McAllister’s former assistant faces three weeks of criticism in the build up to the Scottish Cup semi-final and the last chance to do his job of stopping Celtic.

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  • Dora says:

    That’s the wangers for you!
    They win a dodgy Covid league and since that amazing feat-the wanger footy klub somehow think they r herwos…Fking halfwits!!

  • Johnno says:

    Comical just how much the scum build up these duds.
    Now they have got pinky and perky to idolise over.

  • Captain Swing says:

    They’re still in the first stage of grieving on the Kübler-Ross model… denial, characterised as refusal to understand – incomprehension – negation – outright rejection. The idea that we’ve ‘peaked’ with a restless perfectionist like AP at the helm is wishful thinking I’m afraid, Billy….. winding-up a restless perfectionist with better players at his disposal when you have two important matches against him coming up appears to be the definition of stupidity.

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