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Daily Mail reporter spells out the grim reality of Beale’s summer bargain hunt

Image for Daily Mail reporter spells out the grim reality of Beale’s summer bargain hunt

Gary Keown of the Daily Mail has provided Ibrox fans with a lesson in joined up thinking.

There was absolutely no reason for Micky Beale to speak to daily newspapers in midweek but there was a message to get out that excluded broadcasters and fan media.

Beating Celtic on a budget screamed the back page of The Sun as they cut to the chase over the cost cutting exercise that the rookie boss will oversee in the summer.

Eighteen months ago Steven Gerrard walked away over the lack of funds, his successor Giovanni van Bronckhorst delivered a Europa League Final and Champions League qualification but no fresh funds were released after PSV Eindhoven were beaten in the Play Off round.

This summer Beale will mastermind the rebuilding programme that Ross Wilson has been avoiding for two years with all the signs being that he will have to be highly imaginative as he scrapes around the English Championship for free agents and promising starlets coming in on loan.

Spelling out the reality that is just a couple of months away Keown tells Daily Mail readers:

IT was difficult to read through the words of Rangers manager Michael Beale in midweek and not see them as part of the great dampening-down of expectation at Ibrox.

It started with MD Stewart Robertson insisting Champions League group money isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after failing to bring in any new players in the wake of qualifying.

Beale talking about getting good players for relatively little money and looking at loan deals just adds to the feeling this is a club happy it just stopped Celtic winning ten-in-a-row and not sure of what comes next.

Back in January, didn’t Beale rule out loan deals because they weren’t good for long-term welfare? Yes, he might well have been speaking purely in the context of six-month arrangements at the tail-end of a season, but is bringing people in on temporary one-year deals really much different?

Season Ticket renewals are expected at sometime in April with Commercial Guru James Bisgrove trying to plan the least damaging date for the latest raid on the blue pound linked in with an attractive offer on MyGers points for the most loyal of bears.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Eventually a report with some balls,Spew Heevins and Jackass Jackson and others could learn thing or to from the Keown guy.
    But instead we will get the usual nickel&dime reporter’s licking the ARSE of the sevco fans the manager and their board.
    So should sevco end up in the same graveyard as the other klub that played out of Ibrox,watch as the media start giving it we had no idea things had been as bad at sevco as this.

  • Scud Missile says:

    So there is a quote there about Champions League money being not what it’s cracked up to be,that’s another dip of the toe in the water to test the klubs klan fan base about having no cash,to see how it goes down.

    All that previous bragging from Bisgrove about all the money made from winning the league,getting to a Europa league final and qualifying for the Champions League,now there is no money apparently there is no money to be made in the Champions League.

    The Zombies that have their friends in the media should be putting these questions to Beale or Robertson the next time an interview takes place,but for some reason nobody is going near above subjects.

    Get your man Keown that wrote the article about sevco having no CASH, having access to the press conference he would soon ask the real questions and put the cat amongst the pigeons.

  • UlyssesGunt says:

    Peter Lawell stopped Celtic winning 10 in a row , he appointed his stooge , Neil Lennon , participated a major role in the managed decline , and I firmly believe this was all part in the 5 W A …lots of bonus’s there for the big guy .

    • John mcghee says:

      Well said mate peter lawwell tossed 10inarow away to save the blue pounds and i cant get my head around it he’s back at paradise again this guy should never be trusted at paradise ever again because he would toss another league away to save the biggest cheats in Scottish football oldco and newco just watch out these tories on our board should be removed honest never trust a tory scumbag they’re lying scum bastards just like p.lawwell on the 5way agreement he’s a dirty rat who would do the same for the blue pounds get them.out before its to late..RATS TORIES FUCKPIGS.

  • Christine Mcghee says:

    Wow, if I was a manager, with limited budget, I would want my team to be the best that they can be, and to win every Saturday.. His bitterness is showing here when obviously he is only interested in beating Celtic.

    If his team never lay down and allowed the other teams to win at the start of the season, because they spat the dummy out to protest against previous manager, then they would not be in the s**t they are in just now. Celtic will drop points from time to time, that’s why it’s very important to win your other games.

    in my 65 yrs of following Celtic, this rangers manager is the dumbest of them all so far, he should be embarrassed, winning games is the best way to impress your supporters not by running of at the mouth.

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