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‘Dazzling footwork’ ‘Instant impact’ Watch how loan Celt brought international week to life

Image for ‘Dazzling footwork’ ‘Instant impact’ Watch how loan Celt brought international week to life

Without doubt international football is the biggest bugbear on the calendar for most football fans, this season more than any other.

Cramming the Champions League out of the way by November 2 was necessary to accommodate the World Cup Finals which took away five weekends from the calendar.

Saturday’s home win over Hibs was what real football is all about but there was no follow up, a full 15 days before Celtic are back in action.

One by one the players disappeared off for international duty with the only real interest being that they return on time, fit and healthy for the real business resuming at Ross County on April 2.

Against Latvia last night Stephen Kenny fielded an experimental side with most eyes on Evan Ferguson of Brighton who didn’t disappoint with a goal capping the teenagers debut.

Just past the hour mark there was a flash-back for the watching Celtic fans- Mikey Johnston coming off the bench in a green shirt.

He didn’t mess about, a few weeks short of his 24th birthday he had created the winning goal and almost bagged one for himself within five minutes of taking to the pitch.

The fans inside the Aviva Stadium warmed to the newcomer, he had something a bit different, on Monday Johnston can expect to be on the bench against World Cup finalists France.

During the summer there will be big decisions to be taken at Celtic, if Liel Abada is to move on there may already by an in-house replacement ready to step in.

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  • Michael Mccreery says:

    Always and still do think there is a fantastic player In Johnson injury free had become the whipping boy when things weren’t going well would appear the loan spell is working to his and ours advantage

  • Charlie Kelly says:

    Sorry can’t agree,yes plenty of skill but during last period before going on loan.Tried to beat defenders same everytime remember this was a friendly and players are not going to play as hard as for there team,

    • Duncan says:

      How you can draw any negative from the performance seen above is beyond me.
      All positive for Ireland and Celtic as far as I can see.
      Kyogo would be gobbling up tho at rebound just the same and you won’t see Maeda take 4 men on and beat them any time soon.

  • the maister says:

    Despots, slaves! The Republic looks to be doing Mikey a turn and Celtic will benefit from that hopefully!

  • the maister says:

    Remember Packy Bonner and the World Cup 1990? That was a long time ago!

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