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Home Alone- report claims that away fans have been banned from Glasgow Derby

Image for Home Alone- report claims that away fans have been banned from Glasgow Derby

Three weeks before their next clash it has been announced that there will be NO AWAY fans at either of the remaining Glasgow derbies.

Back in 2018 Dave King announced that Celtic’s allocation of the full Broomloan Road Stand of 7,000 tickets would be reduced to the 800 seats that other clubs get.

Celtic repeated that move with a variety of figures in the game complaining that a key aspect of the fixture had been removed.

Last season with some Lockdown regulations still in place the first two derbies were played in front of home fans only but the four matches since have seen around 800 away fans at each fixture.

Issues at the January 2 match at Ibrox and the recent Viaplay Cup Final appear to have hardened Police thinking on the fixture with the Daily Record announcing:

Away fans will be locked out of BOTH the two remaining Old Firm Premiership clashes this season, Record Sport understands.

Talks have been on going between Celtic and Rangers chiefs in recent days over allocations for the derby clash at Parkhead on April 8 and the post-split showdown due to take place at Ibrox.

But it’s now been agreed that visiting supporters will NOT be handed an allocation for either game amid concerns over “safety and security”.

Should the Glasgow derby SPFL matches be for home fans only

Yes, it is inevitable- get it done

Yes, it is inevitable- get it done

No, away fans are essential in this match

No, away fans are essential in this match

Last February’s fixture in front of home fans only at Celtic Park was viewed by many as the best atmosphere at a non European match in years.

Whether there is a way back for next season remains to be seen with King’s decision still impacting the fixture five years down the line.

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  • the maister says:

    King and sevco driving the agenda here and no-one is willing to stand up against a lower than water-level rat and a bunch of thugs!

    Where are the football authorities here? They are flagrantly conspicuous by their absence! They won’t even stand up to their own standards! they would allow sevco to drag the rest of football down the gutter with them knowing that they can never get the better of Celtic.

    Where are Celtic? Are they willing to let sevco set the agendas? Totally spineless and gutless! With modern Police methods it is easy to police these fixtures, but again it is sevco who are being allowed to drive the agenda.

  • the maister says:

    Celtic fans may never see a Celtic game at Ibrox again for a very long time. Surely they are not happy with that?

  • Scud Missile says:

    The dummy well and truly spat out with the toys from the pram thrown out for good measure.

  • Bob (original) says:

    It’s a shame for those Celtic supporters who go to all the away games as well,

    but in the current climate it’s sadly the sensible decision.

    But, another example where the SFA has weakly, abdicated its duty to govern the game competently!

    Banning away fans isn’t going to help the SFA or SPFL make the game more attractive to commercial sponsors either.

  • Dermott Desmond says:

    After we HUMP them at Paradise & Hampdump we’ll dae the same at Liebrox! Let the rest of the ‘Civilised’ World see the Knuckodraggaz knock Fuk oot each other during & after the game then blame those Pesky Chelsea Fans lol!! Rankers 2012 a MILLION TIMES worse than before, they cant cheat anymare therefore they Can’t win anything lol!

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