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It looks like Sakala is offside- Motherwell boss calls out Andrew Dallas over dubious VAR call

Image for It looks like Sakala is offside- Motherwell boss calls out Andrew Dallas over dubious VAR call

Stuart Kettklewell has called out Andrew Dallas over a very dubious offside call that saw his side fall 3-2 behind soon after equalising against Micky Beake’s outfit at lunchtime today.

Fashion Sakala looked to be in an offside position on the left wing as the ball was played wide, the ball was delivered into the penalty box and finally put into the net by Todd Cantwell.

On Sky Sports it looked like a clear offside, the goal was given after an offside and handball check with the momentum taken from Kettlewell’s side.

A few minutes later some dodgy Etcha-sketch style lines were broadcast to justify the decision to allow the goal to stand.

I thought the last 10 minutes were harsh on us and I need some clarity on the big calls in the game. The Sakala one is a massive moment. And I also need clarity on Callum’s second yellow card. There’s contact there but he’s trying to protect the ball and he’s not aware of Cantwell behind him. The contact is made on Cantwell’s shoulder. That was really frustrating.

I’m not calling anyone out – I just need clarity. For the third goal, it looks like our player Dan Casey is the blue line which is behind the red line of Sakala, from the pictures I’ve seen. It looks like Sakala is offside. I’m not hammering the system but it’s a big goal at an important time.

There’s a degree of frustration there. I have faith in VAR but I’ve always said there can’t be an opinion on offside calls. They have to be crystal clear, there can be no grey areas. But coming away from that game, I think there is a grey area today. That third goal has planted a seed of doubt in my head.

Today was the eighth time this season that Nick Walsh has refereed a match involving the club that he works with on a daily basis at Boclair Academy in Bearsden.

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  • harold shand says:

    This and the Hibs second yellow card

    Which one will be scrutinised on every media outlet for the next fortnight so the other one can be swiftly forgotten about ?

    Take a guess

  • Scud Missile says:

    This is the refs and the people on VAR getting things finely tuned for the big game at Celtic Park in the next couple of weeks.

    Beaton will get that game with Walsh or Collum on VAR.

    Get yourselves prepared and ready for at least one player of ours to be sent off with again some dubious decisions from VAR going sevco’s way.

    Don’t say I did not let you know in advance,because we will get a few Christmas cards on here after that game,I won’t mention them just now but they know who they are.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Tuned into a bit of radio snyde tonight everyone of them on that panel,Spew Heevins,Dalziel and Rodger the soap dodger and the presenter the so called Motherwell fan(aka sevco in disguise) all LICKING the shite from Beales arse.
    Apparently Beale would have sevco neck and neck with Celtic from the start if the season.
    Now should sevco lose these next 3 games against us 2 in the league the other in the semi,I wonder how they will spin that.
    Celtic doing the TREBLE with Beale at heart of sevco’s FAILURE.

    • harold shand says:

      Roger Hannah on that program is finding it harder to disguise his tears and bitterness towards Celtic through his wee schoolteacher type voice as each game slips by

  • Scud Missile says:

    I see Beale has pressed the PANIC button today with his presser after the game sticking up for Wison and Robertson,by giving it to the fans,stick by us all we have big things happening in the summer.
    More fish thrown at the seals to keep the klan quiet and hopefully staying onboard with the board.
    There must some serious stuff coming down the line when the barrow boy is pushing for this shite to keep the klan quiet.
    Their next home game should be an interesting one going by the protests previously at the last home and the one today.
    As the song goes,There Maybe Trouble Ahead.

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