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Kevin Clancy, the Fixture List and SFA referees- Paranoid Rangers Radio uncovers The Great Conspiracy

Image for Kevin Clancy, the Fixture List and SFA referees- Paranoid Rangers Radio uncovers The Great Conspiracy

While the Daily Record goes into overdrive during the international break delivering feel good stories for Ibrox fans their podcasters are uncovering and exposing the incredible conspiracies against their proud club.

When you put Wullyum, Jaffa and a couple of pals together in a room it doesn’t take much to get the paranoia flowing as they discuss how The Other Mob have taken a sinister hold of every aspect of Scottish football.

Wherever you look a quick peek under the bonnet and there is an army of volunteers doing all that they can to deny the Tribute Act for some unknown purpose.

It seems that the combined failings of Mark Warburton, Pedro Caixinha, Graeme Murty, Stewart Robertson, Douglas Park and Ross Wilson never happened.

CLIP 1 40 seconds

Wullyum, when ah get the time I’m going to do an exercise on that one Clancy. How many games he has done in the last 10 years, how many games he’s had them, how many yellow cards he has gave them and red cards he has actually gave them. Because I will tell you that will make horrendous reading, I will tell you, I’m with Jaffa, the guy is just an out and out cheat.

For the benefit of Wullyum, Jaffa and the other listeners Clancy has refereed three Glasgow derbies, Celtic have lost all three. On 12/5/2019, 29/12/19 and 24/8/2021.

The clips are incredible as the Gullible & Deluded uncover a welter of evidence that highlights the grand conspiracy created by the SFA and the refereeing fraternity to penalise their club without realising that it is more than 14 months since a penalty was awarded against the Tribute Act in the SPFL.

CLIP 2; 1 minute 45 seconds

You look at these things and think ‘oh hiye, oooooh aye’CL we know what is going on here. It makes you sick.

Eh, eh eh, what ah do have a problem with Wullyum, I genuinely do. I think it is, I think it is eh, your pointing at the fabric of integrity, and it is sport at the end of the day. And they are choosing, it is the dark arts if you want to call it of Scottish football , there are two bits, two bits of Scottish football that nobody but nobody knows what is going on.

And one is the fixture list, nobody understands how the fixture list happens or who picks it or fabrics the computer and the second one is referees, who is appointing them, who is controlling them and who is telling them what to do and what is the recourse of actions for their errors.

The fixture list is based on the final league table from the previous season, predicting that clubs will finish in the same order, if Wullyum and the lads have an alternative the SPFL will be happy to hear from them. In the first month of this season Celtic were away to Ross County and Dundee United who finished in last season’s top six. Simples really.

Nick Walsh has refereed eight matches involving the Ibrox club this season, Monday to Friday he is working on the fitness of Murray Park starlets in his job as a PE teacher at Boclair Academy in Bearsden.

In February 2019 Andrew Dallas awarded four penalties against St Mirren at Ibrox. No longer able to referee he is now on VAR in charge of the wonky lines at Fir Park on Saturday.

Inbetween refereeing matches John Beaton entertains the drinkers in The Crown Bar Bellshill.

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  • Tony B says:

    Morons, imbeciles and cretins; your average hun, and the rest of them merely aspire to such status.

  • the maister says:

    A definite hint of paranoia there from the two hunni boys, although I am no expert!
    I have wondered about Clancy before. But I think he gave it away at the Viaplay final when, as the Fourth official between the Technical Areas, he trapped the ball and returned it with a flick of his right foot to a sevco player who was about to take a shy. The score was 2-1 and normally you wouldn’t see a match official do that when the ball goes out of play. They usually just ignore the ball, in accordance with their match-status!

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