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Micky Beale’s £35m transfer boost!

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Micky Beale and Ross Wilson have been handed a £35m boost to their summer revamp thanks to the team at transfermarkt.com.

In terms of statistics, contract lengths and transfer fees paid Transfermarkt.com is very reliable but when it comes to current valuations it seems that they have overdosed on moonbeams.

The sort of moonbeams that had Stewart Robertson telling a group of fans in 2018 that the club will only consider a bid of Dembele Dollars for Alfredo Morelos.

Oddly enough both strikers will be free agents in the summer but in-between times Celtic banked £19m from the sale of the French striker to Lyon.

Ryan Kent €11m, Todd Cantwell €8m, James Tavernier €8m, John Lundstram €7.5m, Nicolas Raskin €7m.

Taking 10% off to convert into pounds puts a combined value of £35m on those five stars.

With his contract up in three months time no fee will be required for Kent when the next transfer window opens.

Cantwell and Raskin were bought for combined fees of around £2m at the end of January, unless there is a Boumsong deal in the offing no clubs will be sending £13.5m to Ibrox in the summer for the midfield duo.

In seven years at Ibrox there has been no genuine transfer interest in Tavernier, with just over a year left on his contract there won’t be a stampede of interest in Lundstram who was available for free in the summer of 2021 with only one club showing interest.

The summer transfer window promises to be very interesting, CLICK HERE for full Transfermarkt valuations.

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  • Johnno says:

    The inflation rate hasn’t done much for the cost of living crisis currently.
    Yet within zombieland the inflation rate upon dog shit is on another scale altogether

  • Frankie says:

    Delusional can’t well in same bracket as cal Mac what are they on.

  • TicToc says:

    Transfermarkt.co.uk team ‘values’ is almost definitely influenced by arseholes of the ilk of James Traynor, Keith Jackson etc. Football Insider and ‘Football this and that has some link to the Daily Rancid which I picked up on a few years ago and the ‘valuations’ will come via them. It’s just hun valuations that are beyond preposterous, just like all things Ibrox. But it actually does ‘them’ more harm than good. Irony, I love you!
    But, I’ll NEVER forgive Lawwell for being part of the farce of ‘saving them’ in 2012, an absolute traitor and slave to Desmond and filthy lucre.


      Allowing the Tribute Act to surface was the worst thing possible for
      Scottish Football and Scottish Society in general.
      Turning the DebtDome into a car park or ASDA 11 years ago would
      have forced a lot of the ranjurs fans to face up to reality and grow up.
      Forced them to ditch the Supremacist and Sectarian crap that has had them in an evolutionary and cultural
      Straight Jacket for over a Century.
      All that has happened is that the Sevco Board has fed their insecurities and milked them year after year.
      We’ll see what happens when the next Administration event occurs. Stick or Twist will be a tough call if the try
      to catch Celtic as our Financial superiority leaves them toiling in our wake.

      • Seppington says:

        It’d be a bit brass-necked of them to try and act “superior” if they end up following a threequel klub, but you wouldn’t put it past the shower of utter klowns would you?

  • Seppington says:

    You missed the “m” for “millions” in the combined five-hun valuation there Joe but I reckon what you’ve written is closer to the real figure….

  • Scud Missile says:

    Oh dear the dopey b*****d that wrote that about those transfer fees must have been high on the smell of his burds vigilanties.
    That’s definitely a Jeremy Hunt not playing with a full deck,or maybe they left Sam Dingle and Trigger in charge of the calculators.

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