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Mystery of the 7,000 invisible bears

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According to the great, the good and the intelligensa of Rangers Radio 7,000 bears were invisible inside Celtic Park.

The re-writing of history is something of a speciality among the Gullible & Deluded, especially as they come to terms with the fact that 800 won’t be spitting out their poison on April 8.

It seems that Celtic performed some disappearing trick on the 7,000 fans who would be in the South-East corner and the top and bottom tiers of the Lisbon Lions Stand that made them invisible.

Certainly with 20 minutes to go in the 5-0 Title Clicher in May 2018 they disappeared but in every other match since Celtic Park was redeveloped in the late nineties they had 7,000 tickets- the exact same number as Celtic had for the Free Broomloan parties led by Scott Brown and Leigh Griffiths.

Among Celtic fans there seems to be a split with a noticable majority realising that zero away fans is better than 800 away supporters.

Bears being bears are angry at another erosion of their supposed culture and identity- exporting their hate-filled poison apparently makes the seven year old fixture the greatest in the world.

In Turkey and across South America there are fixtures with far more passion and certainly a timeline going back beyond 2012.

What is the best away ticket allocation for the Glasgow derby?

800- that was what Dave King wanted

800- that was what Dave King wanted

Zero- cut to the chase, last February was outstanding

Zero- cut to the chase, last February was outstanding
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  • Scud Missile says:

    Sam Dingle and Trigger hosting Sevco radio Comedy Gold,these nutters don’t realise it was King the Messiah that started this shite..
    Then you Sam Dingle and Trigger blaming everyone and anyone but the people in charge of their own klub,infact I’m sure King plated to the krowd by maybe listening to them to reduce the allocation of Celtic fans because thousands of our fans was watching sevco get some serious SCUDS rammed upon them at ibrox and the klan could not stomach that.

  • the maister says:

    sevco would destroy Scottish football and themselves as well, if they were allowed to. You have to stand up against these baboonish clouts or they will walk all over you. That is their nature! It is their will they want done, but they haven’t the faculty to reason as to why they want it.
    They crashed themselves up against a brick wall and thought nothing of it! They let everyone else deal with the fall out from that. SPFL, SFA, even Celtic had to dance along with them after that as they ensured their own continuation!
    It is Control they want – power for power’s sake, cinch, ticket allocations, racist songs, their hatred, superiority etc.
    They don’t and never have given a monkey’s, no pun intended, for anybody else except themselves – despite their claims to the contrary and their protestations!
    They have an invisible warning label which reads “Toxic, Handle With Care” and it is well to heed it!

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