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Record Sport Understands gives the lowdown on the big stand off

Image for Record Sport Understands gives the lowdown on the big stand off

Celtic are reported to be pushing for the return of 7,000 away ticket allocations for the Glasgow derby.

That seems to be the message from a number of media outlets led by the Daily Record.

It is five years since 7,000 Celtic fans celebrated Odsonne Edouard’s winner in the Broomloan Road Stand as the 10 men visitors dealt a fatal blow to Graeme Murty and it seems away allocations.

Celtic won subsequent matches that season 4-0 and 5-0 at Hampden and Celtic Park with the decision to give Celtic fans the same allocation as other SPFL sides taken that summer.

Yesterday news leaked out that the 800 allocations would be reduced to zero for the next two fixtures with that status unlikely to change.

The Record reports:

Celtic are pushing for a return to bumper away crowds in Old Firm clashes for next season – after it was revealed rival punters will be banned from Celtic Park and Ibrox for the remaining two league encounters.

Record Sport understands Parkhead chiefs are adopting an all or nothing stance as they want 7000 away fans back in both grounds from next season – but there is NO CHANCE Rangers bosses will allow the Broomloan Stand to be handed back to the Hoops.

Both clubs have voiced concerns about the safety of supporters in the limited numbers situation with around 800 currently allowed into either stadium.

There have been numerous flashpoints on both sides of the city in clashes since the doors were reopened after covid and the smaller allocations have proved tougher to police than the previous wider access. 

Record Sport understands Celtic informed Gers they would not be taking up their allowance for the post split encounter later this season and the Light Blues did likewise with their tickets earmarked for the Celtic Park Premiership encounter on April 5.

The game is on April 8 but the Record has never been known for factual accuracy.

What is the best away ticket allocation for the Glasgow derby?

800- that was what Dave King wanted

800- that was what Dave King wanted

Zero- cut to the chase, last February was outstanding

Zero- cut to the chase, last February was outstanding

Having no visiting fans should allow Celtic to sell an additional 1,500 tickets for the April 8 match with hoops fans watching the post-split match on Sky Sports.

Unless the SPFL or Sky Sports step in it seems highly unlikely that there will be a way back to visiting supporters attending the fixture.

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  • John Copeland says:

    God almighty ,that rapidly fading excuse for a newspaper ,the daily Record ,employed the scoop who initiated the idea in print about prohibiting Celtic fans from Ibrox on derby day fixtures !

    Ex senior the Rangers rabid reporter Gary Ralston cooked up the idea that the less Celtic fans inside Ibrox on match days would give an advantage to his ‘labour of love’ the Rangers ! He was also the scoop who invented the big Alfoodo to the unnamed Chinese club for £7 million yarn … That rag of a tabloid really does have some crust !

  • Bob (original) says:

    Suppose it’s for Sky, BT & Viaplay to tell the SFA/SPFL what they want to happen then…?


    Maxwell, Petrie and Doncaster must be back down the Hampden Bunker!

  • Sean McGinley says:

    Can;t believe anyone still reads the Daily Rankers. It’s many, many moons since my father pointed out the ” Negative Celtic – positive oldco”, narrative in that rag and the other so-called free (mason) press. I just think some Celtic supporters will always encourage them !
    I add to my father’s comments with why we were never the “Old Firm”. They always try to make out we are the other end of the same pole, but the old and newco club and support were always much worse with any negative issues ! You wouldn’t believe that, if you read their rags and lived outside of Schitland. Simply put, I have always questioned intelligence levels and as they outnumbered us by 4 or 5 to 1, then it stands to reason. Add in that most celts come from an oppressed, “don’t upset the neighbours” type of Irish mammy upbringing and they come from the oppressors empire, “our history is war so wearrapepul ” upbringing and the cultural differences become obvious ! Can;t see it changing soon unfortunately, as this current clubs board are very much fomenting the divisive mentality and are using the gullibles to get their money.


      Excellent summation of the status quo in the best wee bigoted country in the world.
      Hope tae fluck Charles Darwin was right about the survival of the fittest.
      Their gene pool must almost be depleted by now.
      Anecdotally you hear about the more balanced female Huns crossing the divide for partners though you seldom
      hear of the traffic going the other route over the dyke. So maybe there is some truth to his theory.
      Their children and their children’s children will all be Tims.

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