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Sky Sports legend tells Gerrard to grow up after his Celtic antics

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Richard Keys has come to the defence of Celtic fans and suggested that Steven Gerrard cuts his Liverpool links if he wants to have a career in management.

On Saturday the former Aston Villa boss was back at Anfield for a match against the Celtic Legends that carried a bit more needle than the standard kickabouts between former pros.

Gerrard and Charlie Adam were taking some verbal abuse from Celtic fans and seemed to revel in a little notoriety when things took a different twist towards half time.

The former England captain scored with a penalty then raced towards the visiting fans for a very athletic and animated celebration. Some paper cups were thrown at Gerrard, he continued with some gestures with that incident about the only headline to emerge from the match.

Gerrard was sacked by Aston Villa in October with former Sky Sports presenter Keys not impressed by the antics of one of the icons of the Premiership era as he explained in his blog:

If Gerrard still has ambitions to manage/coach in the PL I really think he should be swerving the legends games – the likes of which we saw at Anfield last weekend.

Gerrard needs to distance himself from Liverpool for a few years more yet. One of his biggest problems at Villa was that their fans largely saw him as Liverpool’s captain.

It was ok to start with – Gerrard said all the right things, but as time progressed and things weren’t going so well, it was an easy stick to beat him with – even though he’d had those two years at Rangers as well.

Perhaps he’s given up believing that he’s got a coaching career, but if he hasn’t, I firmly believe he’s definitely got to give those games up. Either way – he shouldn’t be taunting Celtic fans as he did after scoring. I know it’s hard and I know they’d been on at him all through the game – but he’s a big boy and he knows it’s all part of the gig.

Those fans had paid their money to charity (the players always get paid btw) and so they had a right to get involved in the occasion.

Keys is now based in Qatar working for Bein Sport alongside former Rangers and Scotland striker Andy Gray.

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  • M gross says:

    That’s why this fool will never manage Liverpool or any club of significance. Absolutely no class .

  • Joe says:

    Why on earth does anyone care what a failed manager of zero significance does or says?

    Four years to get his hands on a solitary trophy, and only because the sfa/spfl ensured he did, along with a massive failure in Birmingham as Villa boss underline his ineptitude.

    He realized his promises and support from the sfa/spfl had expired and he now had to get out of govan post-haste in order to escape his own fans who would have seen Ange have him for breakfast!

    He will forever be known as a failure that even his own deluded fans at the time now hate.

    First offer and he was gone. In fact as I recall he didn’t even drive to Birmingham! He sneakily jumped on a train thinking no-one would find out!

    It took Villa only a few months to realize tgat without the sfa/spfl backing him, he was useless!

  • Vino says:


  • David Tolmie says:

    Always said it he has no class never went near Keane or Viera in his playing days both would have bitch slapped him

  • Duncan says:

    Had Slippy been gash at fitba he would have been flying round Bootle on a Sur-Ron E bike dressed in black selling Tenner bags out of a knock off Adidas mandam bag.

  • George Kerr says:

    Gerrard has NO CLASS, and is a stupid wee boy. Seriously only a failure would carry on like he has done. It’s apenalty and he scored, Mr No Class acts like it’s a world cup winner.
    His failure in Scotland, will long be remembered as the ultimate Gerrard failure.

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