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Watch as Ange Postecoglou brilliantly trashes the idea of a fellow Premiership boss

Image for Watch as Ange Postecoglou brilliantly trashes the idea of a fellow Premiership boss

Ange Postecoglou has brilliantly dismissed the latest suggestions from David Martindale, suggesting that the Livingston boss might have too much time on his hands.

The gap between Celtic and the rest of the clubs in Scotland seems to have been causing concern in media circles with the talkative Livingston boss normally a good source to bounce ideas against.

Apparently expanding the top division to include more clubs would dramatically improve the quality of the game and allow managers to introduce more young Scottish players to their teams.

What depth of knowledge Martindale has on any footballing matter is hard to determine, what can’t be denied is that the plastic pitch that his side rely on is a turn off for anyone wanting to watch attractive football with none of the top European leagues allowing plastic pitches. In England they are banned in the EPL and Football League.

After sharing some deep and meaningful conversation with Martindale BBC Scotland reporter Brian McLaughlin didn’t get much joy from the Celtic boss as he discussed the burning issue within the sports department at the state broadcaster.

Start of interview

BBC: Would expanding the top flight, would that give more youngsters an opportunity?

AP: To be fair I think David has probably got a lot more time during the week to be considering these things mate. It’s not a subject that I’m going to be spending too much time thinking about at this present time. I think if there is a broader discussion at the appropriate time I think, yes. We had a three game week last week, we’ve got another game tomorrow and beyond that I don’t have a lot of time to think about other things.

Another suggestion, from the Glasgow Times, was to reduce the number of substitutes allowed, scaling back Postecoglou’s options off the bench.

At the end of January Martindale was discussing Celtic’s wages budget and how pound per point his side were the best in Scotland.

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    Remember the days he was being touted out there for the ibrox job,still ain’t to late in the day for that with a wee bit of guidance from BENNY Ferguson and Neil the nutjob McCannn as the next 3 pronged attack aimed at Celtic.

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