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We Are Hiring! Banter years roll on as Ibrox Tribute Act seek Painter & Decorator

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Since February 2012 the job of Face Painter has had its very own place in the folklore of Scottish football.

In an act of quintessential shame a Face Painter owed £20 was included among the 276 creditors left high and dry by the shamed Rangers Football Club.

Her Majesty was at the top of the list after the club refused to hand over Income Tax and National Insurance but there were many others left out of pocket including florists, newsagents and taxi firms as well as Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland and the Ambulance Service.

Everyone, anyone was left out of pocket as the club entered liquidation while Ally McCoist, Lee McCulloch and others TUPE’d their contracts over.

Ian Black, Kevin Kyle and Dean Shiels signed up for a combined wage of £25,000 a week in the bottom tier of the Scottish Football League while the Face Painter and others waited and waited for crumbs from the table as BDO got on with the liquidation process.

Now, 11 years down the line the Tribute Act is hiring with a Painter & Decorator about to join the payroll, fortunately for angry bears transfer guru Ross Wilson won’t be involved in the recruitment process.

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  • Captain Swing says:

    The ‘building fabric technician’ is to put Polyfilla in all the cracks and the painter and decorator is to paper over them?

  • Dando says:

    CV sent already…..

    Shamus O’Hanlon Ltd at your service, I actually have 100 tins of emerald green emulsion in my shed that I will supply for free if I get the gig……


  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    You’ve forgotten that Glasgow city council, threw them a 150 yrs anniversary bash at the City Chambers, last year.

  • Thomas Daly says:

    Maybe the tribute act 2012 could do the honourable thing and give the face painter the job,no they wont cause peepl dont matter to the establishment only Monet scum

  • TicToc says:

    The painter and decorator says at his interview:
    “Ah’m a long-life bear, been milked fur maistae it. Ra n(ew) gers is in ma baw…bl…, er, rid stuff, an um vein. Ma brar un me aways watched gems ragither tae he turned his toes up recently: I canny lye, I wiz overcummed wae emulsion!
    Gizza job?”
    Seven chins, hard necks says, “we’ve annar wan tae see but amur thinking it’s fur you. Jew, tae yer history. I’d go as far as to say it’s a Cinch!”
    “So a get a motor annaw tae?”
    “Whae cried that Cinch shower?”
    “Och it wiz jist masel, daein’ a wee bittae ironin’!”

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