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Celtic linked with summer move for Swiss based left-back

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Celtic are reported to be showing interest in Archie Brown of Lausane.

The left-back moved to Switzerland in July 2021 after being freed by Derby County where he has successfully relaunched his career.

Coming through the ranks at Derby he played six matches in the 2019/20 UEFA Youth League but never made the first team at Pride Park.

Celtic signed Alexandro Bernabei to compete with Greg Taylor last summer but recent appearances have suggested that the Argentinian isn’t ready to step in or fully challenge the former Kilmarnock defender.

In the Daily Mail, Stephen McGowan writes:

RANGERS have placed Lausanne’s highly-rated left-back Archie Brown on a list of potential signings.

And arch-rivals Celtic have also run checks on the Englishman ahead of the summer transfer window.

A graduate of the Derby County academy, Birmingham-born Brown moved to Switzerland on a free transfer in the summer of 2021.

Turning 21 this weekend, the 6ft 3in defender has claimed five goals and five assists and has played first-team football as both a left-sided centre-back and a left full-back.

Up for grabs for a fee in excess of £2million this summer, FC Copenhagen have shown an interest along with clubs in the English Championship, Germany, Italy and Portugal.

First choice Rangers left-back Borna Barisic is poised for talks with Michael Beale over his future this summer. Entering the final 12 months of his contract, the next transfer window represents the last chance for the Ibrox club to attract a significant fee for the 30-year-old.

Similar in physical profile to Calvin Bassey, Brown is one of the options under consideration if Barisic goes.

Celtic have also compiled data on Brown. While Scotland left-back Greg Taylor has secured the position as first choice, Argentine back-up Alexandro Bernabei has yet to show that he can make an impact in Glasgow.

In previous transfer windows Ange Postecoglou has been a man with a plan bringing players in early to give them maximum time to adapt.

Last December Alistair Johnstone and Yuki Kobayashu took part in a week of warm weather training in the Algarve before their moves were fully registered with the Canadian making his debut on January 2 at Ibrox.

The combination of guaranteed Champions League football and working under Postecoglou should prove attractive to Brown but offers from Italy and Germany will also be on interest with the player under contract until June 2025.

CLICK HERE for Brown’s Transfermarkt profile.

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  • AIDOBHOY says:

    I could be wrong but with all the clubs linked, including the one that couldn’t pay, it smacks of an agent trying to drum up the fee.

  • Duncan says:

    You have to have a bit of sympathy I think where Bernabei is concerned.
    He unlike Greg Taylor or AJ did not arrive at Celtic a fully fledged left back,no he’s been utilised previously in a more attacking role as an out and out wingback and as such has pent most of his young career going at teams on the outside on the overlap.
    Celtic signed him already aware of this and yet he’s not been tasked once in a single game under Ange as a wingback.
    No he like the 3 other players we have occupying the FB slots has been asked to operate as an inverted FB.
    I feel he has been judged harshly up to this point as we haven’t seen him actually operating in his own natural role?
    The question is however who sanctioned spending £4m on a Wingback and then opted not to deploy him as one?
    Perhaps if Ange was a bit more flexible in his systems and not so fixated on a one apparatchiks then we might just see the best of Bernabei?
    If not you may as well say he’s got no chance of having an impact under him.
    A similar scenario was unfolding for Greg Taylor when he arrived at Celtic under Lenny.
    Taylor an out an out Left Back who seldom travelled over the halfway line at Killie as a player was suddenly being asked to operate on the overlap as a wingback under Lenny.
    Well he spent two Seasons blowing oot his Erchie after 30 minutes as the demands of this role were evidently beyond his scope as a player.
    Postecoglou then arrives and tasks Taylor with his inverted role as a FB and voila the wee man’s career takes off.
    Many were screaming of punting Taylor prior to the changes but now he’s regarded as an asset worth keeping.
    Perhaps just perhaps if Ange was to be a bit more flexible in his approach we might just get more out of our £4m signing from Argentina?
    I seriously doubt he will though.

    • Duncan says:

      Fixated on one approach’

    • Joe McHugh says:

      Good analysis Duncan, but the bottom line is that another left-back ready to step in or replace Taylor is required. Ange seems fully in charge of recruitment, he must have had a plan to integrate Bernabei into his squad. Johnston has exceeded expectations, Bernabei has fallen short.

      • Duncan says:

        Yes he’s fallen short because he’s operating in an unfamiliar role Joe.
        I’m seriously concerned now about the fact Ange doesn’t seem to have a Plan B or other supystems he’s willing to go to for the Champions League.
        Teams are whether fans like to admit it or not beginning to work us out.
        We set up the same way every game with very little flexibility or within the approach.
        Whilst that may suffice in the lower level of Scottish Fitba that’s not the case in Europes elite competition.
        Both Rodgers and Deila attempted the same approach with a one side fits all setup and neither set the heather alight.
        Lenny in his second spell failed much the same but he is a wee bit more pragmatic in the thinking and does tend to alter tactics to suit the level or threat of better Competition.
        I hope and pray we see more systems in use this Summer as Ange prepares for another tilt in the Champions League.
        Perhaps we will see the best of Bernabei if he does?

        I’m not holding my breath on that score.

        • the maister says:

          Yes, you only answer to the Editor Duncan. You despicitable little sycophant! Stand on your own two feet, or is it four feet, since you think you have the intellectual capacity of two people.
          You’re a privileged little private school type, Glasgow Academy or High School, I would say – or maybe both of them in your own mind!
          You’re an indefensible little racist-bigot!

      • the maister says:

        I don’t think Bernabei is as bad as you are making out. A whipping boy in your eyes, perhaps?
        You can analyse the game, or aspects of it until the Cows Come Home. But the fact is that this squad and manager are all winners!!
        We are on the brink of another historic Celtic Treble. And little else matters!

    • the maister says:

      Greg Taylor is not, as you say
      “An Asset Worth Keeping”.
      He is a professional footballer who plays for Celtic. He is one of us!
      I don’t think you get that?

  • Jack says:

    Needs game time maybe get them pre season frendlies with no reserve football its hard to get game time take games to get understand angi way of playing is hard but there is a player there with speed dribbling but posesinal wise he has to learn defending is his main job will see next season hopefully angi knows if he gets this player used to the way he is to play we have a good player and a great assit

  • the maister says:

    A Celtic target. No a *rangers target. Paper Talk! And not worth the paper!

  • Duncan says:

    I don’t tend to correspond with trolls who have an elevated opinion of themselves “maister “.
    Especially ones who are up at 3 am levelling unfounded accusations at me.
    Now do yourself a favour and go find a wee bridge to have sleep under it sounds like you probably need the rest.
    As for conversation with the Author of the piece well that’s down to Joe taking the time out to respond on one of his many,many threads he has up.
    The fact you have taken umbrage with that says more about yersel than it does either of us.
    Cordial,rational conversation on a blog site should be encouraged not dismissed.
    Otherwise all you are left with is an echo chamber with a few trolls looking for food.

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