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James Bisgrove announces talks with Michael Nicholson as safety concerns are raised over Glasgow Derby

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James Bisgrove has again spoken out about the thorny issue of away ticket allocations for the Glasgow Derby.

After having token presences of 700 fans at the first two SPFL fixtures of the season there were no away fans at the matches in April and May.

No explanation was ever given for the change but it seems that safety concerns were the main factor.

Bisgrove takes over as Ibrox CEO at the end of July but appears to have taken on the role early with two interviews last week, one to club media followed on Friday by speaking to broadcasters and the written media.

In the Scottish Cup the SFA insist on away clubs getting 20% of all tickets but there is no such rule in the SPFL with St Mirren and Hearts significantly cutting the allocation of tickets given to Celtic in recent seasons.

Interviewed by Kris Boyd on Sky Sports last night, The Sun reports the in-coming Ibrox CEO saying:

As we’ve now again sold out our season tickets again for next season – which is phenomenal, 45,000 season tickets – the [away allocation] opportunity for next season is in the corner of the Govan West stand which means the maximum we can do is 700-800.

But that’s subject to what the rest of the stakeholders bring to that conversation and we’ll see where it goes thereafter.

Bisgrove added:

I think there’s a long way to go before that’s a realistic opportunity or consideration.

To manage expectations then I would say that looks unlikely but we need to take it one step at a time.

There are so many considerations in terms of the security operation getting two sets of supporters getting in and out of both stadiums.

We want to make sure if our supporters go to Parkhead they’re protected and take our responsibility here so we have to be guided by the authorities and the clubs will also have a voice.

As a minimum we’re going to be around the table and have dialogue with Michael [Nicholson] and Police Scotland over the summer months

Should Celtic accept 700 tickets for Ibrox next season

Yes, the team need some backing

Yes, the team need some backing

No, not worth it for the bother

No, not worth it for the bother

Bisgrove makes the sale of those Season Tickets seem almost accidental but as soon as they went on sale it reduced the number of tickets available to visiting supporters.

With the first Derby match at Ibrox next season Celtic will have to decide whether or not they take an allocation, if they decide against then it is almost inevitable that there will be no away fans at any of the SPFL Glasgow Derbies.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Stick their tickets up their ARSES.

  • Heed the breed says:

    Ram your tickets to the shitpit sideways.
    But more importantly when was the last time we won there which should be a worrying factor for Ange.

    If we can’t beat hibs St mirren huns how are we supposed to get a result in champions league away and home.

  • J.P. Docherty says:

    As a matter of principle we should continue to refuse any ticket allocation until we get back to the full Broomloan one which was only reduced as they identified that they needed to sell more season tickets as revenue sources were vital for a consistently loss making business.
    The bigger picture however is when are the so called journalistic fraternity and the SPFL going to call them out for their actions in harming the fixture.

  • the maister says:

    Don the Black Barathea and drink from the Loving Cup. Rather you than me, a Peter!

  • Stesano says:

    Celtic f&&K this ” bigger person ” shit the evidence is there only one group of fans unsafe!! As everybody knows full well deal with it you cowards!! Sick this pathetic bunch of ” do gooders” Where a Fergus when you need one and that lawell!! He should be trying to make amends with the real life blood of Celtic! Us!! We are Celtic! And only us! Sort it you utter cowards!

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