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Neil McCann joins in Operation Fear

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Neil McCann has sent out an alarm call over Celtic’s build up to the Scottish Cup Final on June 3.

Two defeats and a draw since clinching the SPFL title at Tynecatle is un-Ange like form after the Premiership was secured in such confident style.

Across football there is a natural switch off once the title is clinched with Barcelona and Manchester City having set-backs immediately after securing league wins.

There does seem to be a different tone to the criticism that Celtic are taking with comparisons being made to across the city where Micky Beale’s side had string together three successive wins in dead-rubber matches until last night’s draw at home to Hearts.

Watching McCann on Sportscene last night, Football Scotland reports the former Dundee boss saying:

You can’t escape it. When Celtic are at full strength they’re just a brilliant side they’re champions for a reason.

But when those first name on the sheet type of guys drop out then you are expecting a squad of the strength of Celtic to go in there and take care of business and they haven’t.

They were quite open at times as well. It might not be a concern to Ange but I think it will be a concern for the fans, to say ‘look, the boys behind there need to be doing better’.

Celtic conclude their SPFL campaign with a trophy presentation at home to Aberdeen on Saturday before attention turns to the Scottish Cup and the chance to complete an eight domestic treble.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    All the talk and headlines previously when the 3 Celtic Japanese players got overlooked for international duty the media couldn’t throw it in our faces enough, now the same 3 are called back up for international duty and not one article in a newspaper about today.

  • John Copeland says:

    I’m confused about McCann and his infinite wisdom regarding everything Celtic recently . How can he say that Celtic could not take care of business ,when the exact opposite has taken place on the domestic front ? Celtic are also one game away from a treble winning season and although I don’t have an MBA or a DBA ,even I can tell business has been well taken care of ! This is McCann playing to the Ibrox faithful through the media whose bosses are giving him carte blanche to spin more Bollox ! Imagine for a moment Neil McCann lecturing anyone about business ? Any kind of business ! With his track record …..

  • John says:

    You cannot argue with what he says (much as you would like to). The theme for at least 2 months has been ‘not at our best’ and that includes beating them twice. Celtic have been poor for a while But the last 5 games have been brutal if we are being honest. Motherwell draw (garbage) Hearts (outplayed until they went a man and goal down) Them (no comment) St Mirren (deserved to get beat) Hibs (hammered). That is not a freak result or two after winning the league that is a pattern. Inverness expect nothing but they have been given huge encouragement over the last 4 weeks. I would have said Celtic were 99.5% sure of winning the Cup at the end of March, 2 months later I would say it is 80%. We will be nervy on the day and I really don’t want us to go behind. Panic will quickly infect us and anything could happen Bad form at a bad time. We never stop has clearly stopped.

  • the maister says:

    Celtic Fans will be even less interested in McCann’s views than he is in theirs!

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