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In reply to the ‘Mark Lawwell rumour’

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There is one area of communications that Celtic constantly excel in- DEFLECTION.

Whenever there is troubled brewing some favoured newspapers are briefed, a few on social media and off we go. Mission accomplished.

It was Moussa’s fault, it was KT’s fault, if was Rodgers fault (it was 50%) and now it is on to Ange Postecoglou, greedy, con-man, one step short of Rodgers, led Celtic up the garden path.

On Sunday night a message appeared across social media, apparently originating from Mark Lawwell who hasn’t said a word in public since he started drawing a salary a year ago.

Strangely enough Mark’s Dad had again been duped. Celtic’s honest brokers had offered Ange the earth, everything he could have wished for then discovered that his agent had being setting up a move to the EPL.

It was Frank Trimboli that presented his client to Celtic, it wasn’t an inspired choice by CEO Lawwell or small talk over the breakfast table from his boy that had a minor role in the Manchester City Academy.

In December 2020 Celtic announced a managerial review, three months later the CEO announced that they had concluded Neil Lennon was the best man for the job. Defeat a few weeks later at Ross County and he was gone.

Over 100 days later with their messengers relaxed about the ‘done deal’ to appoint Eddie Howe reality visited. The former Bournemouth boss was taking a year out of football, a little bit of homework revealed that Celtic were a shell of a club, the infrastructure was as barren as the first team squad.

Postecoglou took all of that on board, at 55-years-old his European options were extremely limited. Trimboli sorted it all out, he is London-based, exceptionally connected, an agent that gets things done rather than curry favour in the media.

He didn’t sit still with his man in at Celtic, he pushed his name to others, he has been involved in a lot of Tottenham deals in recent years.

With the Mark Lawwell rumour gaining momentum Etims Diary made a timely return today, presenting some alternative information, a series of events that painted a different picture.

Etims do like their disclaimer but in light of the deflection campaign underway they shine a light on a few uncomfortable areas. Today’s diary is a must read for non happy-clappers.

The truth in the Mark Lawwell rumour will be discovered over the next few months, we will see if the new manager is given the funds to improve Celtic’s performance in Europe or if the shutters come down in preparation for some future rainy days.

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  • Chris says:

    The ‘Lawwell is the problem’ and the conspiracy theorists gangs just don’t know when to shut up and stop boring everyone else with their bullshit ideas.

  • Tony B says:

    I wish the Lawwells would fuck off and feather their nests somewhere else.

    They are the latter day Kellys and Whites and Celtic would be far better off without them.

    • KC67 says:

      Spot on Tony. Stand by for another fiasco from the incompetent clowns on the board. Led by the biggest clown of them all – Lawwell.

  • Justshatered says:

    It’s odd that since Lawwell came back as Chairman a lot of stories have started appearing in the press again.
    The Bain contract offer is a question that needs answered.
    Ange clearly did not rate him otherwise he wouldn’t have gone out and got Seigrest last summer.
    Lawwel is great at doing deals but when is someone in the hierarchy of our club going to say enough is enough.
    It was clear from the review that he, and he alone, was responsible for the grotesque downsizing of the club in a season that was so important.
    He was removed and things suddenly started to click.
    Business operations were doing what Business operations are supposed to do which is make money for the manager to spend.
    Now, six months after his return as Chairman, we are back hunting for a new manager. He is nothing more that a condescending parasite and needs hunted.
    The final straw for me was the day at the AGM where he claimed never to have seen The Five Way Agreement. The guy beside me, who I did not know, was livid as he had personally handed him a copy of it.
    That day he basically lied to the people that pay his wages
    That cannot and shoul not be tolerated

    • the maister says:

      I never even got an invitation to the AGM – and I am a shareholder!

      • Justshatered says:

        Check the contact details the club have for you.
        If you’ve moved since you bought the shares or changed your email address.

  • John S says:

    None the wiser, don’t know what the rumour is. It must be rumour season. Spilled milk ?There’s work to be done in player and manager recruitment. Celtic have lost big talents to England for as long as I can remember.
    Mourinho left Porto two days after winning a Champions League Final in 2004. It happens.

  • the maister says:

    What goes around, comes around! Lawwells mantle is money, cash. That’s why Ange left. He knows Celtic would do him no favours.

  • the maister says:

    After season one, Celtic should have showed their appreciation for what Ange had done for them. They could have given him a four year deal. Instead he got another one-year-rolling contract.
    So, when he proved his worth again, he did the right thing. He looked after himself and got himself a better deal at Spurs.
    That’s egg in the face of a bunch of tight fisted miserable clowns that run Celtic!
    Had they given Ange a better deal, they themselves would have gained from it even if Spurs had made him an offer he could not refuse.
    Tight fisted, money grabbing, put in your own expletive, clowns got what they deserved. Ange proved himself above and beyond them. Just too good for them!

  • the maister says:

    How will Celtic be due any compensation? If Ange was on a One year rolling contract, he can simply walk away from Celtic. Celtic would be due nothing!
    Seems that there are conditions being reported unfaithfully!

    • Bribhoy says:

      It’s a rolling contract, not a fixed one, so that effectively each day its end date moves on by one day, which is always 12 months into the future. So whenever Ange left, he would have had a year left in his contract, meaning Celtic can claim compensation. Equally, had he been sacked, Celtic would have had to pay up 12 months of his contract terms. That way, the arrangement works for both parties, as both have a degree of protection if either sides wants out at any point.

  • the maister says:

    If any of the, ahem, executives know anything about football, then it is by accident! They are all money men. Desmond himself is a money man. They don’t understand football except in financial terms! They put money first!
    Now that is okay if you are running a shipyard for example, but in football you are dealing primarily with human beings. Where is the humanity of the Celtic Board?
    They could not see the worth of a guy who single-handedly changed the fortunes of their whole enterprise. And so they lost him!
    To them he was just another employee drawing a salary. A PAYE Number! They will have to be doubly lucky to get a suitable replacement.
    Or perhaps their luck will just run out!

  • the maister says:

    And if it does, then it serves them doubly right!

  • Eldraco says:

    It’s not a conspiracy theory when you look at the facts.

    Lawell has plenty of those.

    Desmond is a SH nothing more he is the largest nothing more, he is also the largest parasite, nothing less.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    He’s gone for a better standard of football.
    He’s gone because he might never have been offered a gig like this again.
    He’s gone to earn much more money.
    He’s gone because of the inane, hopeless biased media.
    He’s gone because if he is successful he will earn even more money.
    He owes us nothing, done his job above expectations.
    We as Celtic fans are proving no different to the clowns across town with some of the entitled comments flying around.
    Good luck Ange, I’m no Spurs fan but I’ll be watching your progress.

  • Jamie ferguson says:

    It was a bad idea bringing Peter Liewell back to Celtic it seems that the Celtic boardroom is toxic when he’s around. Maybe it’s time for Dermot Desmond to sell his stake in Celtic and clear out the boardroom as they don’t seem to have any connection with the support and when your chairman continues to lie about the 5 way agreement fans will never stand with him.

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