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McGowan makes big claim over Ange’s agent

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Stephen McGowan has claimed that Ange Postecoglou’s agents have been urging Daniel Levy to take a punt on the Celtic boss.

Frank Trimboli heads up CAA Base and is one of the best connected agents in the business with a range of high profile clients in and around football.

CAA Base represents Richarlison and Hueng Min Son who are currently at Spurs as well as Kyle Walker, Kieran Trippier and Deli Ali who have all been sold by Levy.

By its nature the job of an agent is to push the case for their client- something that Trimboli did successfully two years ago when Postecoglou was appointed by Celtic.

McGowan has a track record for being very well informed over what is going on in and around Celtic, in the Daily Mail he reports:

ANGE Postecoglou insists he is blanking calls from his agents in the run-up to the Scottish Cup final.

The Celtic manager is on a shortlist of candidates for the Tottenham Hotspur job, along with former Spain coach Luis Enrique and Fulham’s Marco Silva.

Bookmakers have stopped taking bets on the Australian moving to north London amidst expectations that Spurs will make their move after tomorrow’s cup final against Inverness Caledonian Thistle.

Close to Daniel Levy, Postecoglou’s agents have urged the Spurs chairman to take a punt on the 57-year-old despite opposition amongst supporters.

Insisting he has not spoken to representatives Frank Trimboli or Leon Angel in the build-up to Hampden, however, Postecoglou claims his focus is firmly on leading Celtic to their fifth treble in seven years.

Compensating Celtic for the 12 month rolling contract that their manager is on won’t be any obstacle if Spurs decide to go for Postecoglou.

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  • Walter Chinstrap says:

    I can’t believe so many people falling for this Ange to Spurs guff!
    Might as well bin the blogs and go back to red top media. There’s been no difference between them this last week.

    • Scud Missile says:

      You do that Wattie the tattie, you can’t get moving just now from journalists and punters calling it out that big Ange is offski.
      But hey you seem to be quite sure of yourself so it may not be a chinstrap on your chin but egg on your face when waves us tattie bye and shows up at Spurs,but remember you know best.
      You almost sound like a sevco supporter in disguise with that ARROGANCE.

  • Duncan says:

    What will be will be and no amount of speculation founded or otherwise will alter that fact.
    Ange hasn’t reinvented football at Celtic but what he has done is assemble a side that a decent Manager with a similar approach can pick up ,add too and even perhaps improve upon in Europe.
    I personally don’t think the single approach to games works in Europe and as we have seen recently sides are now beginning to work it out.
    I’ve always advocated a more pragmatic approach when playing the top sides.
    Play to your own strengths and of course try to tactically nullify theirs.
    Deila ,Rodgers and Ange had no plan B in Europe so sides knew in advance how we were going to set up ,more or less knew the line up well in advance and so ultimately adjusted their tactics.
    Hence why we haven’t had a decent run in the Champions League since Lenny and Strachan who both were pragmatic in their approach to these games.
    We’ve gone from LAST 16 to LOST 17 in the Group Stages.
    Sure there another factors ike selling your key assets periodically in order to make profit but ultimately it’s the one trick pony approach that’s cost us.
    If Ange goes then I’m sure Weill target a like minded Manager who sets his teams up to play attractive winning football.
    Don’t get me wrong Inwant Ange to stay but I also want to see more pragmatism and a flexible approach in Europes top competition.

  • Jim Kearney says:

    Utterly amazing how the pundits down south run our league down yet want our managers, dont need to mention names but I believe thhey are all unemployed at the moment.

  • HC Andersen says:

    You did warn us about a month ago, Joe following an earlier article by Stephen McGowan that something was afoot.
    I can’t quite remember the particular article but like all Celtic supporters, I hope that it comes to nothing, although I’m not overly confident of that.

    Editor: No one in the media is closer to knowing what Celtic are doing than McGowan.

    • Scud Missile says:

      Ange could put an end to these stories in a heartbeat but it looks like he is playing to the audience.
      I reckon he is away as there is just to much speculation and there is no smoke without fire.

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