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Another Ibrox howler surfaces

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For all of the talk about dignity, standards and respect it seems that there are some recurring issues at Ibrox with basics like spelling.

Foreign club names can be troublesome. Do you call them Bayern Munchen as they call themselves or do you translate that into Bayern Munich?

A check on the club website usually clears things up but at Ibrox they seem to be above all that, quintessentially so…

Just like in the transfer market it seems that there are no quality checks on what goes on at that club, no-one thought to check the order before it was signed off and no-one opted to check it out when the goods were delivered.

A few years back there were regular issues with players named not being spelt correctly on shirts, of letters and logos falling off but those problems seemed to have been resolved.

This time it doesn’t look like Castore are at fault but the social media team should have spotted the error before sharing the club’s incompetence online.

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  • Andra Chie says:

    Absolute shambles of a club and fanbase the tifos from the Union Bears are being laughed at world wide i think who ever makes the tifos does the spelling also.

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