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Paul Gascoigne makes ‘hilarious’ Ibrox return

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Paul Gascoigne has made an apparently hilarious appearance in a Christmas advert produced by the Ibrox Tribute Act.

From being one of the most talented footballers of the early nineties the former England midfielder has evolved into something of a freak show.

Q & A nights used to attract curious fans as Gazza tried to string a sentence or two together with a few expletives thrown in to add to the ‘hilarity’ rounded off by an anti-Catholic singsong to the delight of the audience.

The first signs of serious issues surfaced in 2010 when he turned up at a crime scene offering Raoul Moat a fishing rod, beer and chicken after a Police Officer had been blinded in an attack.

These days Gazza appears to be living in Bournemouth, popping up for a media appearance here and there with an appearance fee to cover the embarrassment of being laughed at.

Gazza was joined in the advert by Barry Ferguson and Marvin Andrews from the old club, James Tavernier and Todd Cantwell from the current lot and Kenny Miller who played for both clubs.

Fun loving Ally McCoist had other commitments at the time of filming.

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