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‘He simply should NEVER play again’ ‘Lazy with a poor attitude’ ‘All round game is atrocious’ Loyal bears slaughters Beale’s £3.5m signing

Image for ‘He simply should NEVER play again’ ‘Lazy with a poor attitude’ ‘All round game is atrocious’ Loyal bears slaughters Beale’s £3.5m signing

Even in a five minute appearance off the bench against Hearts, Sam Lammers managed to anger Ibrox fans.

An 88th minute substitute for Todd Cantwell the former Eintracht Frankfurt man headed the ball towards no-one in particular then turned to shout at Ross McCausland for not being anticipating the header.

Among his other crimes that one was fairly minor but for reasons unknown Lammers continues to find a place in Philippe Clement’s plans, mostly in the starting XI.

Arriving as a striker that idea was ditched in pre-season as he was reinvented into a Number 10 which was the position reserved for Golden Boys Todd Cantwell and Ianis Hagi.

Unfortunately Lammers appears to have no obvious ability, something that the loyal bears have caught onto quickly. Rather than trying to find space the former PSV Eindhoven starlet seems to hide behind opponents, adding to his ability not to win tackles or headers while failing to find team-mates when he does get possession.

Message board reaction to Beale’s £3.5m signing has been epic, fan and fan tries to outdo each other as they discussion how utterly useless Lammers is, with a contract running until 2027 the Dutchman won’t be losing sleep over the pain of outraged bears.

Discussing the process of his transfer and specifically Beale’s role, Lammers told the Daily Record:

He came to visit me in Italy and he has a really clear vision of what he wants with this team and me. This doesn’t happen often in football. The human part played a big role. The fact that he goes over to new players to tell them the story and his vision for next season, is a really positive thing.

I had a good feeling after this and I was excited to come over. He didn’t have to persuade me because the club speaks for itself and I was already interested otherwise I would not have talked to him, but this is the manager we work with this season so it was important for me to talk. If it had not been a positive talk then you have a different feeling but everything was like I expected so it was good.

It is a big challenge but a good one. I think Rangers’ style fits me. Normally we should be the better team every game which fits me really well because I am a player who loves to be on the ball. He (Beale) loves attacking players who can switch positions, who don’t stay in the same place all the time. This suits me well. I can play different roles.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    This is what will happen with the Sumo wrestler,he will go back out onloan to sevco with a clause in the deal that sevco get 10% of his transfer fee from Santos.

  • Scud Missile says:

    The only roll he will be playing with is the roll sausage for his breakfast.

  • John A says:

    His position should be left back in the dressing room

  • Captain Swing says:

    Ach, I’m going to lay off this wonky donkey for a while. If we ridicule him too much we’ll be setting him up to score against us, nothing surer! Hard to imagine, I know……

  • BriBhoy says:

    What’s even funnier is that this clown, along with Dessers and co, was one of the people the Huns claimed Beale turned down the chance to sign Palma for, before Palma signed for us. They did genuinely scout Palma for a while too, by all accounts.

    Reminds me of when they “beat” wee Gordon to the signing of the poor man’s Lurch, Kyle Laffable, when he first signed for them. Boy, did we dodge a bullet with that halfwit! Watching him on the park was like watching a baby giraffe on an ice rink.

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