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I know from good sources in Scotland- Striker linked strongly with Celtic move

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Danish website Tipsbladet seem very sure on Celtic’s interest in Mathias Kvistgaarden.

The hoops were linked with the Brondby striker during the summer but that area of the squad wasn’t touched by Mark Lawwell.

Kyogo Furuhashi has been Celtic’s first choice striker throughout 2023 but his goal rate has slowed down noticeably under Brendan Rodgers although he has scored two of Celtic’s three goals in the Champions League.

Domestic football will always be the priority, strangely Oh Hyeon-gyu has been far more prolific this season as highlighted by his double against Hibs in midweek.

Both Oh and Kyogo will be involved in the Asian Cup next month which increases the likelihood that a striker will be brought in early in the January transfer window.

Tipsbladet reports:

Mathias Kvistgaarden
Brondby IF
Possible destinations: Celtic, Bundesliga, Ligue 1
Price level: DKK 60-80 million

I know from good sources in Scotland that Celtic are back on the pitch.

They sit in the domestic league, but Brendan Rodgers, who has returned as head coach after his time at Leicester, wants more power for the offensive, and you have ambitions to do more than get the scratches you are currently getting in the Champions League.

Kvistgaarden is also on the candidate list in the Bundesliga and a little further down the field between the bottom of the Premier League and the Championship as well as in France.

It looks like a bit of a game between interested buyers and Brondby IF.

I fully understand that Brondby has no intention of letting Kvistgaarden go cheap: They will then go after their 75 million kroner, 10 million euros, a nice round number, in the work to get higher in the sales hierarchy in the top of the Superliga.

It is expensive for a player in January, but in the right club, Kvistgaarden will also be a gain with his ongoing style.

That price level of £7-9m looks to be on the high side for a 21-year-old who has scored five times in 17 matches this season.

Earlier this week Celtic were linked with a strong interest in Aberdeen striker Bojan Miovski.

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  • TicToc says:

    Surely we must be looking to sign a ‘keeper as top priority?

    • William Melvin says:

      Our transfer list should be non exhaustive,bud.
      We have the cash to buy two of each to re-inforce our squad instead of giving contracts to guys who have been dead wood for years.
      It’s well seen it isn’t their money they waste on a lot of these project and signings who have no chance of becoming a first team regular.
      It’s all smoke and mirrors wae these leeches on the Celtic board……Give the appearance of strengthening the team/squad by spunking cash on guys who either get a free season ticket for the games or the treatment room because they are either crap or sponsored by BUPA.
      All done in the name of their “Old Firm Franchise”
      There’s a method to their madness ……. or is it a madness to their method ??
      Who cares……..SACK THE BOARD !!!

      • TicToc says:

        “SACK THE BOARD” indeed! Easier said than done, though.
        The other problem with wasting huge sums on projects and dross, (are you paying attention Lawwell?) is that you have to find a way to get rid of them and hopefully cut your losses. I wonder, as Lawwell has been de facto DoF for many years (now with his son to do his bidding) if his salary and bonuses had been directly linked to all his signings then he’s have been paying to be there, JUST AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.
        That arsehole was actually paid over 3 million one year during his wasteful signings.
        Ach, many of us know this but perhaps currently too few will consider action. Therein lies the problem. Remember, Celtic FC is a huge club but effectively a SMALL company so the salaries of executives are completely unmerited.
        Aye, “SACK THE BOARD” or mibbaes make them an offer they can’t refuse! 🙂

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    Miovski over the other guy for me, Joe.

  • Andy says:

    Looks bang average to me.

  • BriBhoy says:

    Miovski looks the better option of the two (especially at about £8-9m for this Danish guy), but I agree with TicToc – let’s get a decent goalie in first.

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