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Clement kills off hopes of January spending spree

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Philippe Clement has confirmed that there will be no January Transfer Revolution!

Last year Micky Beale was given the funds to sign Todd Cantwell and Nico Raskin but his successor is already working to dampen expectations.

During the summer the Ibrox Tribute Act spent a net £13.1m on Beale’s signings which has lumbered the club with Sam Lammers and Cyriel Dessers on long term contracts at Serie A wage levels.

That spending spree has left Clement were very little options in the forward areas with next to nothing beyond Danilo and loan signing Abdallah Sima.

Loyal fans were expecting their new boss to be presented with a January war-chest but Football Scotland had bad news to report from this morning’s media conference:

Reshaping it in January is much more difficult than in the summer, that’s the reality in football with every club so I’m realistic about that. The idea is to do something but it will not be a lot of things, it needs to be the right things.

A last minute loan or two, similar to Aaron Ramsay is likely as the Tribute Act tightens their belt after losing £4.1m last season despite being in the group stage of the Champions League and selling Calvin Bassey and Joe Aribo.

On those projections a loss in the region of £20m is likely this season, covered by loans from company directors.

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  • Charlie Green says:

    I think Celtic only need a couple of new signings. A goalkeeper and a midfielder that can run with ball into the opposition’s box ,

    A new system that doen’t rely in papping the ball into a crowded box from the wings.

    New coaches to sort out Mickey Johnston without doubt a great talent. Possibly sending him out on loan to Aberdeen as they sorted out Christie and Scales.

    Also the new coaches can sort out the dead ball situations. When Celtic get a free kick or a corner there is no sense of danger but when the opposition have one there is that feeling that they could score. What is that about? Coaching? Positioning?

    The bottom line is we should be beating the rest of the league teams easily with what we have. If not it is the system that is wrong.

    We need players for Europe but that can wait until the Summer.

  • Scud Missile says:

    BOOM! Looks like Scott&Co will be kicking the door in soon.

  • J.P.Docherty says:

    As previous if the sheriff officers are being paid on commission then their Christmas bonus looks like it will be payable shortly. The question that is being overlooked surely is why the SFA are not interrogating where the funds that are being transferred into the club are coming from?

  • Dando says:

    How can a Clumpany that has made, on average, a £10m loss per annum since its inception (2012) try and justify a 30% increase in employee remuneration in the last 16 months ????


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