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Despair for do-gooders as unedited Jane Lewis video is released

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At almost the same time as the Press Association were releasing quotes from Jane Lewis a full unedited video of the Good Girl interview was produced by BBC Scotland.

On Sunday the state broadcaster shared an edited version only showing the comments of the Celtic manager, the rambling, round the house type questioning of Lewis had been cut out.

For all the do-gooders and hand-wringers that had their weekends ruined by the appalling conduct of the Celtic manager at Fir Park it was a bitter disappointment. There is nothing in the interview. Zilch, hee haw.

Watch it with and without the sound, pick up on the aggression and casual sexism of the Celtic manager!

Lewis comes to life when Rodgers says that his team will write their own story this season- clearly going against the grain of BBC Scotland who have been in full party mode since St Johnstone lost 3-0 at home last week, heightened by Hearts losing 5-0 at Ibrox.

Anyone that has paid any attention knows the script being followed by the BBC, if Lewis wishes to play dumb that is her call but the Celtic boss knows what is being said about him and his team in and outside of the Scottish media bubble.

Like most managers Rodgers has contempt for most in the media, male female or whatever. He has to engage with them a few times a week as part of his contract but that reinforces his views of those asking the questions.

Whether there are a dozen or more at the all-in interviews or the one-to-one interviews with Sky Sports or BBC Scotland there is absolutely no rapport there, no understanding or respect. It is a duty.

Without doubt the current media crop leaves a lot to be desired whether it is the old school type like Lewis going through the motions after 30 years on the scene or younger wannabes, high on the adrenaline of a minor profile on social media.

Rodgers concludes the interview with a smile and a compliment, Lewis had overdone the dumb card, the chance was lost.

Yesterday Good Girl Jane was back at her happy place asking a soft ball question to Philippe Clement during the chuckle-athon that passed for the Murray Park media conference.

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  • Stevie says:

    I see big Hartson has now jumped on the snowflake bandwagon. You had a soup big man.

  • Dinger says:

    BBC billy boys club

  • John Copeland says:

    Even i ,who is as thick as 10 toilet doors , understands what Brendan means with his ‘we will write our own story ‘ comment to Lewis ! If she as a’ journalist ‘ does not understand the meaning of the sentence ,then it does not say too much about her scoop credentials …does it ? Lewis was desperate for a headline with the interview and got it ,albeit it through another way . Brendan Rodgers is not in the business to explain himself to a hack because he / she is not up to the job .

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