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Huge test for Celtic fan media after Lawwell’s disastrous transfer window

Image for Huge test for Celtic fan media after Lawwell’s disastrous transfer window

Many Celtic fan media outlets have been invited into a Zoom conference with Adam Idah at 12.45 today.

It is standard practice from the club when someone is signed, a dozen or so sites get an invite and ask about how big a club Celtic are, are you looking forward to playing under big Ange/Brendan Rodgers, what did you think when you heard about Celtic’s interest and are you looking forward to those famous European nights under the floodlights at Celtic Park.

The last question isn’t applicable to Idah since he has only signed on loan, when asked about staying long term he is bound to say he is open to that but only concentrating on the next few months.

Fortunately no translator will be required for the Norwich striker.

While the fan outlets are always invited to welcome a new signing only one outlet will be included in the real media conference with Brendan Rodgers today.

From the moment Celtic lost to Lazio in November the Celtic boss has been screaming out for the addition of quality and experience. Players that can go straight into the first team and improve things. Unlike all of the summer signings that Rodgers took responsibility for at the November AGM.

Quite clearly the arrival of a 24-year-old winger to replace two that were sent out on loan and a loan striker with 17 club goals falls way short of the expectations that Rodgers laid out.

Five years ago Rodgers made his feelings known about the signing of Marian Shved, within a month he was managing Leicester City.

All the signs are that Rodgers will toe the party line, explain how difficult a window January is and highlight the lack of movement and spending in the English marking.

The key issue is the competence of the Celtic Recruitment Team headed by Mark Lawwell.

When Rodgers returned to Celtic in June he praised the brilliant work of Lawwell Junior at the same time as he outlined his hopes of making progress in European football.

Eight months on supporters really need to know if the manager still holds that opinion, rather than thoughts on Barry Robson and what he expects from Aberdeen tomorrow.

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  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    A cute and fly move by the club is this one but Celtic fan Media are a clever bunch and can outfox them…

    Here’s how –

    “Hiya Adam, Welcome to Scotland’s biggest and most successful football club” etc
    Celtic supporters have been very underwhelmed by the failures of two very poor transfer windows of poor recruitment – Can you be the guy that bucks this disturbing trend and make these fans happy once again”
    “And If hopefully so, would you consider a full time transfer to Scotland’s most successful club” ?

    It doesn’t mention any board members or recruitment officer etc but would get the point out there that the Celtic supporters are not happy bunnies at the present time but not happy bunnies because of Adam (who does of course deserve his chance) even though we are slightly underwhelmed but without fan media actually being the guys saying it about Adam !

  • Chris says:

    Why use a picture of Sevco for this story, Joe?

    Anyway, we’ll still win the league as we’re a better outfit than our closest challenger, which has been proven twice, home and away, and also with a depleted squad which has kept us top all season. My fear is these teams that just sit in, low block, and us firing cross balls to a guy who is 1.5 ft smaller than the defenders.

    Baffles me how we didn’t get a LB as GT injured. In whole, an over reaction but still disappointing with a Tory board who needs a chased. Anyway that’s my 2 bobs worth, and still think we’ll take this league.

    Editor: Picture shows Celtic Communications Manager.

  • John says:

    The lawwells must be rangers fans

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Not unless they’re ghosts John – And they seem (thankfully) to be alive and well and I certainly hope, Just like I do with everyone else that they see their telegram from The President of an Independent Republic of Scotland !

      But they are not good at spending The Celtic Supporters money and I wish they’d just breeze off on a long and healthy retirement from Parkhead !

  • Terence Nova says:

    If anyone expresses criticism..( highly unlikely ) they will be removed…The set up stinks..End of.

  • Eddiebhoy67 says:

    Just would like to come on with some constructive criticism as to why Scudmissile comments have been withdrawn and cannot get on here to comment, just remember it’s only constructive criticism lads

  • Tony B says:

    Apparently if you criticise the board you are now a “bedwetter”.

    ( Lawwell stooge Paul Brennan )

    What are you then if you give blind support to charlatans who are running the club into the ground?

    All I know is that sevco fans are happy with the present situation at Celtic.

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