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Not yet bhoys- Sutton reacts to Celtic’s title ‘statement’

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Chris Sutton wasn’t buying into the notion that Celtic turned a corner on the back of beating Dundee 7-1 last night.

After more than two months of shipping points to slip into second place fans have been looking desperately for signs that things were getting better.

At half time against Motherwell on Sunday things were looking bleak but with Sutton in the commentary box for Sky Sports the hoops turned things round dramatically with two stoppage time goals.

The big question ahead of the Dundee game was if that was finally a turning point- by half time that question had been answered with the players roared off after scoring six times without reply.

Even though there was only one second half goal the fans left Celtic part full of hope, looking forward to Sunday at Tynecastle rather than dreading the real prospect of more dropped points.

Listening in to Sky Sports last night the Daily Record reports Sutton saying:

Let’s not get too carried away. It was a big night for the goal difference. Rangers are what now, one better off? So it is a big night in that respect.

But Rangers getting a win at Rugby Park was massive for them. What a game we have on Sunday. Celtic go to Hearts and let’s get it right, we don’t know which Celtic team is going to turn up on the evidence of what we’ve seen this season.

With Motherwell visiting Ibrox on Saturday there is a strong chance that by kick-off time on Sunday the gap will be back to five points.

All that Celtic can do is to win their own matches, if they can do that through March then the Ibrox fixture on April 6 is going to hugely shape the remainder of the season.

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  • Stevie says:

    Shut up Chris

  • pat says:

    We all know that the powers that be within the upper echelons of Scottish society of which Liewell & Co being are part of will be using all the influence to make sure that NewCo won’t lose a match until the end of the season. Expect lots of honest mistakes in form of penalties (for the penalty King Tavern), free kicks and sending’s off for NewCos opponents to be made from now until the end of the season.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    We might not know what Celtic will turn up Mr Sutton…

    But we know what Heart of Midlothian will turn up for sure –

    And it sure as Hell WON’T be the one which rocked up at Liebrox last Saturday !

  • larsson7 says:

    Totally agree Clac,Hearts we’re not putting Tackles,in oh guess what team their we manager used to play for………

    • Terence Nova says:

      ONCE A RANGER…ALWAYS A RANGER…They can’t hide it.

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        It’ll be… ONCE A RANGER – ALWAYS A SEVCO in his position Terence…

        Never let em’ forget it either !!!

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