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Hey There You With The Sad Face- Dens Park Special

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After all of the hype, build up and anger Philippe Clement watch his side fll flt on their face at Dens Park last night.

Two previous postponements had whipped the bears into a predictable feeling of paranoia that the world was conspiring to the deny them their right to three points to pile the pressure onto ra Selik.

Day after day their delusions were built up but if ever there was a group of players that can’t cope with any sort of pressure it is the one that provides James Tavernier with the armband as head of their Leadership Group.

There is a reason why there hasn’t been the slightest bit of interest in the former Wigan man throughout nine years of mediocrity in Scottish football.

When the going gets tough Tav and his team-mates go into hiding but over the last four months the bears have been whipped up into an increase state of expectation. Failing to deliver isn’t an option.

Last night reality paid them a visit, it wasn’t a pretty sight as the clock races towards May 11 and a fixture that every bear is dreading.

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