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After Miller watch how Chris Sutton humiliated bitter Boyd

Image for After Miller watch how Chris Sutton humiliated bitter Boyd

After Kenny Miller’s weekend humiliation it was the turn of Kris Boyd to slip into the clown shoes for Sky Sports.

On Saturday Boyd had appeared to be the voice of reason as Miller went into full meltdown over the red card given to John Lundstram for his sickening attack on Alistair Johnston.

Boyd wisely read the room alongside Neil Lennon and James McFadden as Miller doubled down further and further with no one else in the media trying to justify the assault by Lundstram and the consequences.

Last night Miler was co-commentator to Ian Crocker at Ibrox as Sutton replaced Lennon in the studio.

It was another laboured performance by Phil Clement’s side with even Boyd unable to put a gloss on a freak goal from Todd Cantwell and Scott Wright coming off the bench to score two late goals- the striker’s first SPFL goals in two years.

The incessant rain matched the mood in the stands at Ibrox with darkness all around Boyd as he prepared for a return to Rugby Park and his nightmare scenario.

The Continuation Lie is about all that the Gullible & Deluded have left to hold onto with Boyd’s petulance and immaturity on display for Sky Sports viewers tonight.

BOYD: This club is built on winning league championships, it is and you are going to have to get back to it.

SUTTON: Not in recent times

BOYD: But it has, still won the most

SUTTON: Give it a year.

If Celtic take a point or more from Kilmarnock tonight or against St Mirren on Saturday they will be going for a certain number next season that is bound to cause Boyd incredible pain.

None of Celtic’s 53 championships wins to date have been shared with Dumbarton.

Which pundit is the biggest laughing stock in Scottish football?

MILLER His Lundstram defence will never be exceeded, will it?

MILLER His Lundstram defence will never be exceeded, will it?

BOYD Consistently off the radar, every week, great consistency

BOYD Consistently off the radar, every week, great consistency

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  • scousebhoy says:

    /why did sutton not remind him that celtic have the most ?. is he another one giving the same club lie credibility ?. do football a favour chris and remind them of 2012.

    • The Joker says:

      Better than that get Sutton not say anything but pull out a copy of the front page of The Herald headline,Rangers born 1872 died 2012.

      • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

        Great point indeed Joker…

        I’ve got that one screen shotted along with 4 others including one from The Sun of a COFFIN over an open grave with RANGERS FC – Died 2012 on the nameplate and a Red, White and Blue wreaths on it as well…

        I’ve got them at A4 rigid copies both full size and pocket size as well for the pub to put any Sevco Huns that start The Survival Lie and The Continuation Lie in their place and pronto at that…

        It shuts them up instantly EVERY time…

        I guess that I know that I can get away with around these shores as the majority of their lot are more like Sevco Fans than Sevco Huns !

        I’ve also got one of every single newspaper headline banded together which is The lot of The Scottish Football Media (note I’ve dropped The Scummy bit as these headlines tell the truth for once) There must be 25 newspaper headlines on this in collaage form but with that many it’s too small headlines to crop to pocket size is that particular one !

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      He probably wanted to scousebhoy – But that’d be it, he’d never ever see the inside of a Scummy Scottish Football Media studio for the rest of his life…

      I’m just so bloody glad that they get not on thruppny bit from me !

  • The Joker says:

    Lol KING OF THE BAWBAGS,with his school boy mentality,all that was missing with that comment was ,my dad is bigger than your dad.

    He actually looks and sounds like he is ready for a breakdown of some sort,another few seconds on that conversation with Sutton and Boyd would have been sitting there crying.

    Talk about about things being thrown out the pram,oh how we feel his pain,long may it continue.

  • John Copeland says:

    “This club is built on winning league championships” said big fake Kris Boyd …..yeah ,by hook or by crook !

  • Seppington says:

    “This klub’s built on winning championships…”

    Aye, and it took two attempts to do so before the NEW CLUB got promoted to the top league for the first time!

    “Built on the grave of a dead klub” is thetruth of the matter and deep down in his warped brain he knows it….

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