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‘Banger of a boy’ ‘read the room’ ‘one of the most over-rated players ever’ Ibrox fans turn on TikTok

Image for ‘Banger of a boy’ ‘read the room’ ‘one of the most over-rated players ever’ Ibrox fans turn on TikTok

It has only taken 16 months but it seems that Ibrox fans are starting to see through Todd Cantwell.

A year ago he was the great hope for fans of Next Season FC, dominating a Dead Rubber Derby was enough of a sign for the Gullible & Deluded to believe that the Micky Beale Revolution! was going to be the real thing.

Incredibly TikTok started the first match of the season on the bench, Beale’s side lost at Kilmarnock and were knocked out of the Champions League and also lost to Celtic within a month.

Since then things have gone kinda downhill for Cantwel and his team-mates but the odd pirouette or step over plus a staunch post on social media has kept most bears onside. Generally, Todd knows how to play the gallery.

With the Premiership title slipping away it is maybe best to keep your social media activity low key, anything you publish should be modest and low key. A task too far for Cantwell.

After coming off the bench in the 3-3 draw with Celtic he posted a classic Haud Me Back image, before sitting on the bench through the 2-1 defeat at Celtic Park he informed his admirers that a bird can’t fly in a cage.

The former Canary has scored in the dead-rubbers against Dundee and Hearts, not many fans appreciated the rapidly deleted Shush Burger caption of Cantwell celebrating during a draw while the winners medals were being dished out at Celtic Park.

Phil Clement has almost closed down his Instagram account, on Saturday he has to decide if his Instagram C-lister can be trusted to play for the team in a cup final against Celtic or whether he should be stuck back in his cage.

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