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Even the bears are starting to doubt the Clement Revolution!

Image for Even the bears are starting to doubt the Clement Revolution!

The pressure is starting to build on Philippe Clement as the excuses from losing to Celtic at Hampden begin to fade away with worrying signs of reality emerging.

A major clear-out provided some comfort in the build up to defeat from Celtic but since the final whistle at Hampden a couple of events have started to create concern among the Gullible & Deluded.

Winning the Close Season Cup is almost taken for granted by loyal bears, a year ago the stories were starting to surface that Micky Beale was raiding Italy to bring in Sam Lammers and Cyriel Dessers.

Kieran Dowell was announced before last season ended but was held back from being introduced to fans at the last home match in case the reaction was only 90% positive. Jack Butland was being discussed.

So far only Jefte, a Brazilian of dubious quality signed after a year on loan in Cyprus has been signed up for the Revolution! normally a low key signing like that would be held back and slipped out alongside some star arrivals.

Yesterday some concern surfaced over Jose Cordoba. A week of spin about signing the best defender in Bulgaria backfired when the Panamanian decided that he’d prefer to join Norwich City.

Cordoba had been a guest of the club for the recent home match against Kilmarnock, visited the fabled Blue Room, sat on the St Etienne bike, marvelled at the ceramics then decided three weeks later that he’d prefer Carrow Road as next season’s home.

There doesn’t appear to be any exciting signings in the pipeline, no bids are coming in for Clement’s damaged goods and most worrying of all there are rumours of a new 12 month contract for Ryan Jack.

If Leon Balogun and Jack are part of another Revolution even the bears are going to struggle to buy into this one as Celtic get set to ‘Go for 55’.

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  • JC. says:

    Get the confetti out. I smell a share issue.

    • TicToc says:

      Once current debts are settled, if they ever are, then I’m thinking what’s left of ST money will get them to around September. CL qualifiers, if they get past the 1st one that is, will also bring in gate receipts but I’d still anticipate the “confetti” by October.
      Does anyone actually know how they stand with regard to FSR?
      Hey Joe, excuse the Hendrixism 🙂 you’re often on top of these things, any idea?
      I know they were on some kinda EUFA watchlist but don’t know how all that stuff works or even IF it works.

  • The Joker says:

    Nothing to worry about there for the sevco klan base,those ARSEHOLES in the media will smooth everything over fir them,with some comforting headlines.

    Players arriving soon with £5 -£10 million price tags on them,players refusing to go to EPL teams as devco are the bigger klub.

    Nickel&dime twobob players actually signing with quotes them being sold on for £15-£20 million.

    It’s like watching an episode of Deboy,this time next year the klub will be millionaires.

  • The Joker says:

    It must be close STATEMENT O’CLOCK TIMEsurely,King the CHISLER has been on that sponsored silence forever.

    Watch in the coming days as friends in te media start to put a few spanners on the workscausong total unrest in the boardroom,which only the CHISLER can resolve and rescue the klub..

    • john clarke says:

      Scottish Brown Bears became extinct about 450 AD. They were hunted down and eaten.
      We can’t have the same fate befall the Glasgow variety. Dave K where are you?. Save them.

  • The Joker says:

    Lol the daily sevco doing what it dies best,a positive transfer rumour put out there fir sevco with the proper bawbag of a manager scouting the globe for players coming to sevco,but apparently a Belgium goalkeeper knocks Celtic back.

  • scousebhoy says:

    dave king also rejected the cva along with hmrc and sent the first club to the grave he is no saviour.

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