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‘Scandalous’ ‘Ridiculous’ ‘Embarrassing’ Nice guy McCoist goes full on with his paranoia

Image for ‘Scandalous’ ‘Ridiculous’ ‘Embarrassing’ Nice guy McCoist goes full on with his paranoia

Three days after Celtic won the Scottish Cup Ally McCoist has unleashed his full paranoia over the match officials.

It isn’t the Ben Davies handball, the tag team attack on Kyogo Furuhashi from Davies and Leon Balogun, John Lundstram’s attempt to amputate Matt O’Riley’s legs or the double kick out from Mohamed Diomande on Daizen Maeda.

No, McCoist’s anger is all directed at a ‘goal’ that was disallowed on the say so of John Beaton, it seems that the man from the Crown Bar in Bellshill has it in for the club that he managed to runners up spot in the 2014 Challenge Cup.

Listening to TalkSPORT the Daily Record reports McCoist saying:

Jeff, scandalous. Honestly but I have come to expect it. The incompetence of our officials is nothing short of ridiculous. It is bordering on embarrassing to tell you the truth. They disallowed the goal for a shove.

Ok, there may be a little shove and I can understand that but they go back two seconds and they’ve got to give a penalty. The guy has his arms wrapped around the guy who eventually does the little shove. It is just total incompetence Jeff, but we’ve come to accept it and that is the way it goes.

McCoist’s interest in his old club didn’t extent to attending Saturday’s match at Hampden, instead he preferred another pay day from the FA Cup Final at Wembley.

As most fans know a free kick can’t be given when the ball isn’t in play, any contact before a corner is taken results in the referee calling the offenders together and the corner being delayed.

Once the corner was taken there was no contact from Taylor, Nicky Raskin used both hands to push Joe Hart which impacted his ability to stop the cross that reached Sima.

During his brief managerial career McCoist lost cup ties to Malmo, Maribor, Falkirk, Queen of the South, Dundee United, Inverness Caley Thistle, Forfar, Raith Rovers and of course Alloa Athletic.

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  • Charlie Green says:

    Ex Ranger/Sevco players pollute the media. I can’t imagine only players from one club in England, Spain or France for that matter, getting on tv or in the sports pages. Even after he has lost all credibility Kenny Miller is still asked for his opinion. It has become a joke.
    The bring out Neil Lennon to “even” things up but no Celtic fan wants to hear his opinion far less Sevco’s. Trolling.

    • Board Out! says:

      Fat Swallee making sure the Knuckodraggaz stay on his side after BLANKING them fur the F. A. Cup Final lol! Only Wanker this CLOWN cares about is HIMSELF!! Took over 800k tae plant Daffodils fae the Deidco but he’s STILL wan ae ra Peepo WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Frankie says:

    The bigot that was going to sing along with 40000 bigots , the bigot that robbed his beloved queen of tax money

  • The Joker says:

    Tiny bubbles going postal don’t you just love it. As the article points out no mention of the handball penalty incident with Windsor Davies.

    Then you have the SIMPLETON Miler on Sportscene admitting that it’s a CLEAR HANDBALL by the sevco player in the box but it’s not a penalty,what an absolute horses banger that guy is.

  • harold shand says:

    He’s been hiding since we beat them at our place

    Now he’s reappeared to blame refs and back the ‘ Were coming next season ‘ campaign

  • The Joker says:

    Lol there’s the start of the rebuild sevco on with a £5 million bid for a winger playing in Hungary,no idea where that cash is coming from.

  • Paddybhoy67 says:

    If Carlsberg did fannies …

    • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

      Ha Ha – Very witty Paddybhoy !

      The only thing is fannies are generally mostly lovely things…

      McCoist certainly isn’t for sure !!!

  • Tony B says:

    Abshaloootely! As one of the trinity that killed the old club, along with Walter and Murray, Fat Shally Hate Crime has been over compensating ever since.

    Interestingly, when money is involved, his loyalties appear to flip, hence his walking away with a trouser full of dosh when rangers got liquidated, and his loyally commentating at the FA Cup Final for another trouserfull instead of supporting his heroes at Hampden.

    He is an eejit, a sleekit worm, a hypocrite, a chanty wrassler and above all a total FUD.

    • Charlie Green says:

      Tony, I chanty wrassle for a living and I resent being lumped in with the likes of McCoist.

  • TicToc says:

    McCoist is just a predictable OB getting paid, would you believe it, for cheerleading the new huns. The hypocrites hypocrite. A sleekit has-been. Fukkim!

    Caption for the pic: Sally: “So what are you showing me here Kris?”
    Boyd: “I’m told it’s a PROPER fitba team but whit dae ah know?”
    Sally: “A proper fitba team Kris? How’s that?”
    Boyd: “Well I’m told they win a’ kindsa trophies, just added another 2 this year.”
    Sally: “But they’ve got Green ‘n’ White Hoops on Kris, it’s no’ Sellik is it?”
    Kris: “Afraid so, unless it’s a wind-up. We’ll just need tae get back tae oor unbiased reporting and trash the bastards.”
    Sally: “You’ll do for me Kris. Ah’ve already started oan ra refs so you use everything you can tae back me up but look out for big Sutton, he’s a right sleekit fukker.”
    Together: “We’re pure dead ragin’ so we ur, but wait tae next year!”
    Jam tomorrow FC 🙂

  • Terence Nova says:

    Why does no one from our Club challenge this Fud to a debate on the points you raised Joe…?I’m totally pissed off at the one way traffic we put up with…Grow a pair Celtic.

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