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Tactics spot on- Deluded Herald chief drools over Clement’s Hampden masterclass

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Jonny McFarlane has got great news for Herald readers with Phil Clement winning the tactical battle over Brendan Rodgers at Hampden.

Unfortunately it was the Celtic boss that took home the trophy and the winners medal.

McFarlane has graduated from Office Junior at the Daily Record to the grand title of Head of Digital Sport at Newsquest which covers The Herald, Glasgow Times, Celtic Way and Rangers Review.

Apparently offering a bright new digital future to a younger engaged audience the truth and reality remain strangers to the guy that achieved legendary status in The Banter Years when he declared that Barrie Mackay was a bigger talent than Kieran Tierney.

Three years on from launch the Rangers Review has still to deliver an SPFL title to their subscribers with a fourth manager charged with the task of picking up on the analysis and tactical brilliance of big Jonny and his star studded team of experts.

Trying to retain hope and keep things upbeat is proving increasingly difficult without a meaningful win over Selik in more than two years.

The Close Season Cup and the Transfer Window Trophy are expected to be collected by Clement over the coming months but two rounds of Champions League qualifiers and an early SPFL trip to Celtic Park are waiting in a testing start to next season for McFarlane and the clued up, online bears.

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  • Jimmy Quinn says:

    The Media is riddle with parasites like him

    They brainwash the demented klan.

  • John Copeland says:

    McFarlane is head of digital sport at the Herald and it’s other rags ? Does that mean he wears a hat with a’ D’ on it to point out who is who ? That would be very , very appropriate ! He’s a spare bedroom scoop of the most inferior sort …doughnut anyone ?

  • Big Den says:

    Rangers parked the bus on Saturday. Eleven men behind the ball hoping to avoid a heavy doing. Celtics lethargic approach allowed them into the game and made them look less crap than they actually are. The fact that the Celtic players looked as if they were already on their holidays for most of the game yet still won says it all. Champions again…and for the foreseeable.!

  • Pan says:

    Delusion has Ibrox in its grip!

  • Tony B says:

    Jonny McFarlane? More like Fanny McJorlane. : )

  • Tam says:

    “the rangers” tried to ruin the game by playing everyone except desserts defensively. And when they did eventually move up the park Brendan Rogers made some changes and brought on two players who combined to score the winner. Will the smsm say “Rogers tactical genius” nope that’s for the losing manager…hahahaha … you could not make it up… Oops sorry the smsm have made it up

  • Stewart says:

    His comments on tactics,,, if setting up like a Livingston formation and putting next to nothing in an attacking sense in the 1st half, and blootering so called sublime passes up the park to ro run like fk onto, then yes he got it right,but what a shit way to play fitba,,,

  • Captain Swing says:

    His tactics were straight out of the Jock Wallace coaching manual…. long-ball attacks, extremely physical tackling and just trying to muscle it. I’m glad on every level that we won, but putting to bed the myth of Phil the tactical genius is high on the list of reasons I’m glad we won. I half-wondered if he would get the bum’s rush this week but happily that doesn’t seem to be the mood music coming out of iBrox – I think he could get absolutely taken to school next season by a better-equipped Brendan, while he rummages the bargain bins of Europe trying to augment the squad of stalwart losers he has inherited. I can hardly wait for August! He’s as much of a fraud as Mickey Bealeshitter was.

  • harold shand says:

    I honestly can’t believe some of the spin I’m reading this morning about the game

    Big Idah’s goal must’ve had these hacks in tears

  • HC Andersen says:

    Another moral victory for the tribute act.
    Congratulations big Phil.

    • Board Out! says:

      6 shots tae 2 according tae BIG PHIL LOL! If this CLOWN actually watched the game instead ae arguing wae Officials he’d realise he spouts WAN LOAD AE PISH!!

  • The Joker says:

    Johnnybag McFudface I rest my case.

  • Terence Nova says:

    Slightly off topic Joe…but…
    I was at the game with 4 other mates.
    Me and one other have a football background ( playing/coaching etc ) ..the three others are golfers.
    During and after the game ..me and the other mate were “critical” of the way we played…which, in our opinion, was poor.
    The three others were in a different mood…..Their attitude was …We beat Sevco….we won the Cup…which gave us the Double…so we should “shut the feck up”…
    So we did !!
    Hail hail.

  • Drew67 says:

    Get the Glasgow times everyday for my mother.90% of back page stories are positive headlines about r2angers whether they have won or not..its doesnt hide it..that Lindsay and McFarlane for ye

    • Terence Nova says:

      I visited their building in Albion Street many years ago….Came out the lift at the 3rd Floor Editorial Department…and first thing I saw was a variety of photos on the walls, all depicting something to do with the Govan Club…I asked the reporter I was seeing, what that was all about…He said…”Don’t ask me…I just work here.”

  • Charlie Green says:

    Another way to look at it is that we scraped through literally in the last minute which will only serve to ” gird the loins” of Lawwell (perish the thought) for another disastrous transfer window. With superiour resources we should be skelping them a la Larsson and Sutton but as it is we are way off that.
    Forget about Sevco, we should be asking ourselves why is that and then do something about it.

  • Terence Nova says:

    First up Charlie…The slow build up across the back is boring as feck….Surely we can try something else if required…I made it 20 mins into the 2nd half before Daizen was fed a ball…which was overhit…I sometimes wonder what BR thinks…As for new players…We have some job on our hands trimming what we’ve got…We shall see…Hail hail.

    • Dando says:

      If Mr Jacksons apprentice is going to compliment the tactical genius of PC in the way the relegated Livingston manager sets his team up, then fine.

      However he could also comment on the fact that if brother Beaton wasn’t on VAR, the tribute act would have been down by a couple of goals and a player by half time……


  • Charlie Green says:

    Scales is left to be the playmaker and while I liked him as a left back he dosen’t have that in him.
    Kuhn is talented but he is not a winger.
    Play two up Kyogo and Idah.
    O’Reily and Hatate should have been hooked earlier. Will give them the benefit because of the state of the pitch but you do wonder what Brenden sees sometimes

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